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4 Zodiac Signs Favor Revenge Over Forgiveness


Whoever first said that revenge is a dish best served cold must have been a Scorpio. Scorpio is a savage who should be feared by everyone who has wronged them. They find it difficult—even impossible—to let go of a betrayal, grudge, or slight. If you hurt a Scorpio, you should start another life under a new name…very far away. If you happened to cheat on them, you’ll be especially sorry. Trust is everything to a Scorpio. They don’t open up easily or often. There’s nothing a Scorpio fears more than letting in the wrong person. A devastation like that can lead to some of their nastiest work.

This is a creature who has spent many sleepless nights fantasizing about their enemy’s demise. Scorpio won’t strike until weighing out their options and choosing the most effective payback. They get their target where it causes the most pain. There’s nothing more lethal than a Scorpio’s venom. No one has mastered the art of vengeance like them. A Scorpio scorned is scary because they have the skills and expertise required to get even. They’ve plotted with every contingency in mind, and in a way that leaves their hands clean. A Scorpio can destroy your life without any shred of evidence ever pointing to them. Be very afraid—Scorpio can become detached from emotions and humanity to get what they want. They’re secretive and clever, and can even spend years enacting their plans. They may manipulate you into a false sense of security and say they forgive you if keeping you close aids them in retribution. Their style is methodical, silent, and deadly.


Leos are loving individuals who have the capacity to pardon those they truly care for, if they feel inclined. It just so happens that their massive pride rarely lets them. Once Leo’s trust is lost, there’s not much that can be done for it to be regained. Leos have an excellent instinct and a strong sense of character, and they don’t appreciate being proved wrong. Nothing strokes their fury like disloyalty and dishonesty. Having their ego bruised will take them to war. Leo doesn’t take well to having their power challenged, either. Lie to them, steal from them, or compromise their image—and you better run. Sometimes all it takes is robbing their spotlight.

Unlike vengeful Scorpio, with a Leo you know exactly where the missiles are coming from. Leo will act more on impulse and be more destructive. They won’t factor in collateral damage. You’ll be able to see the smoke coming from miles away—nothing burns more than Leo’s fiery wrath. Leo will say hurtful things, insult you and your mother, and tarnish your reputation. Their hordes of fans and all their social circles will begin giving you the cold shoulder. Leo is determined to make you regret it, and they’re not above having you ousted. They want to outdo you in the level of disrespect. Out of pure principle, they’ll refuse to ever forget your misdeeds (even if a soft spot in their heart tells them to). It’s always safest to steer clear from the Lion’s sharp teeth.


If you’ve crossed Capricorn there is very little that you can do to ever regain their respect. No amount of groveling or apologizing could ever compensate for your treacherous error. Capricorn has no tolerance for being made to look like a fool. Having their work life or career compromised by anyone will undoubtedly result in that person’s destruction. They don’t take well to being taken advantage of financially, either. What inspires their bloodiest wrath is dishonesty, especially in close relationships. They’re careful about who they let into their inner circle, but especially careful about those they let into their heart. Capricorns find it an excruciating process to be emotionally vulnerable. Betraying their trust brings out their darkest side.

They’re determined in their revenge. This sign is as proud as Leo and as terrifying as Scorpio. Cap won’t let you see their pain, but they will make sure that all guilty parties pay. They’re focused and clear-minded in vengeance, and easily emotionally detached. Their modus operandi includes humiliation and stripping their opponent of dignity. Like Scorpio, they’re methodical in the way they enact their plans. It’s brutal and merciless. You’ll regret ever wronging a Capricorn. They’ll shatter your world into pieces, and they have the power to sabotage your successes. If they so choose, they’ll damage your name. When they feel justice has been served, it’ll be as if you never existed. In their mind, they never knew you. You’ll be dead to them, but most definitely not resting in peace.


Taurus will initially be tempted to forgive loved ones because of their soft heart and resistance to change. Ultimately, they just can’t choose forgiveness. They’re too stubborn, proud, and uncompromising. With a Taurus, it’s crucial to do the right thing from the start—and always. They put serious thought into who they let in because when they let someone in it’s for life. For this reason, they’ll tolerate a lot before being pushed over the edge. Once a Taurus has had their limit, there isn’t much that can be done to quiet their rage. The bellowing Bull is one of the most vindictive signs.

Taurus is someone reliable who can always be counted on. They want stability and emotional security above all else. Nothing sparks their ire more than having those things taken from them. A betrayal—especially in romance—will inspire them to annihilate anyone involved in splattering their heart on the walls. They’re loving and loyal, but they can view their partner as a possession. A Taurus scorned is one of the most ferocious beings. They need to get even. Revenge for them is about not knowing how to let things go. Closure for Taurus is making sure that what goes around comes around. Releasing old pain and heartache isn’t within their capabilities. Taurus will cut you off and give you a silent treatment that lasts a lifetime, but not without formulating ice cold plans to hurt you. A grudge couldn’t be pried from their stiff, dead hands.

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