This Is How It Feels Knowing He Never Cared As Much As You Did

They say that the worst thing you can experience when it comes to romance is loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

It’s giving unrequited love to someone who doesn’t give a damn about you.

Yes, being in this kind of situation makes you feel unwanted and rejected.

It makes you wonder why you can’t be enough for a guy to at least give you a chance and try loving you.

However, I assure you that there is a much worse realization than this.

It is much more painful and devastating seeing that someone you dedicated your entire life to and someone you gave your whole heart to never loved you the way you loved him.

It is doubting your entire relationship and each one of this guy’s words and actions.

Doubting whether any of the good morning texts, late-night phone calls, kisses, hugs and love declarations were real.

It is looking the harsh truth in the eye and seeing that you were always the one who tried more, the only one who fought for that relationship, the only one who pushed it forward and the one who cared more at all times.

It is seeing that you were never appreciated, respected or loved enough.

It is wondering if all the years you spent next to this man were actually just a waste of time and energy.

That all of your efforts were in vain and that you never got the place in his heart you deserved.

After your relationship comes to its inevitable end, you can’t help but wonder: did you spend all of this time being deceived?

Did you just lie to yourself, thinking this man loved you as much as you loved him because the bitter truth was too much to handle?

You can’t help but rewind in your mind every single day you spent together, looking for signs of his indifference you clearly ignored.

You look for missed clues, questioning everything the two of you had and everything you shared.

You feel stupid and humiliated.

You blame yourself for not knowing better and for not taking off your rose-tinted glasses sooner.

Besides, if this man, whom you gave your maximum effort to, couldn’t care for you enough, what can you expect from others?

If your unconditional love obviously wasn’t enough for him, does it make you unworthy of anyone else treating you differently?

Are you not meant to be loved?

Should you have tried harder to win over his heart? Could you have done more?

Don’t worry; every woman in your situation would have the exact same thoughts going through her head.

And I’m not here to judge you for thinking or feeling this way.

Instead, I’m here to beg you not to be ashamed and not to blame yourself because you should be proud.

After all, you know you gave your best and it is not your fault you gave it to the wrong person.

It is not your fault this douchebag didn’t see your value in time and didn’t realize how much love you deserve.

I’m here to beg you to be happy and grateful for the fact that you got rid of a guy who is obviously incapable of loving, a guy who would forever make you feel like an emotionally neglected woman and a guy who never had the capacity of becoming the man you needed him to be.

You don’t see it now but by losing him, you actually won.

You got the chance to meet a man who will give you back all the love he’ll get from you, a man who will never fail to see your true worth and a man who will keep on reminding you how much you mean to him.

There will be a man who will never make you question his feelings and who will never make you doubt your own value.

A man who will let you all the way in and a man who will help you awaken the emotions you didn’t even know you had.

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