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These Zodiac Signs Hate The Heat And Are Already Thinking About Autumn

Summer has arrived with its scorching sun and oppressive heat, but there are some zodiac signs who, on the contrary, can’t wait for autumn to make its return.

These signs, governed by their innate preference for cooler temperatures and more serene atmospheres, just fail to appreciate the heat of summer.

In this article, we’ll explore the hallmarks of these signs and why the change of seasons is so eagerly awaited by them.

The signs that love the cold are them.


Virgo is notoriously inclined to seek order and stability in everything they do. Summer, with its often chaotic and unpredictable weather, can be disconcerting for this sign. Virgo prefers a meticulous approach to life, which she often finds difficult to maintain when the summer heat forces her to change her ways. The arrival of autumn represents a return to normalcy, with milder temperatures and a more controlled atmosphere, allowing Virgo to re-establish her beloved routine.


Pisces are known for their keen sensitivity and intuition. Summer, with its vivacity and hectic activity, can overload the delicate soul of this sign. Pisces prefer moments of reflection and calm and often find it difficult to concentrate amidst the summer turmoil. Autumn, with its calmer hues and slower pace, offers Pisces an opportunity to connect with themselves and to draw inspiration from the deeper nuances of life.


Libra is a sign that seeks balance and harmony in every aspect of life. Summer, with its extreme swings in temperature and mood, can disturb the delicate balance it constantly seeks. This sign loves to contemplate deeper issues and often finds it difficult to do so when forced to contend with the overwhelming energy of summer. Autumn, with its more stable weather and quiet beauty, provides Libra with an opportunity for more thoughtful reflection, evaluation, and decision-making.


Scorpio is known for its passion and emotional depth. However, summer can bring a feeling of excessive excitement, which can be overwhelming for this sign. Scorpios prefer the darker, more mysterious shades of life and often find summer too “bright” for their liking. Autumn, with its more intimate atmosphere and softer light, offers them the chance to immerse themselves in their deepest emotions and to explore their inner world with passion and intimacy.


Aquarius is known for their innovative spirit and open mind. However, summer can seem too chaotic and conventional for this sign, who wants to explore new horizons and break the mold. Autumn offers a more challenging environment for Aquarius, with its sense of renewal and possibility for change. This sign can finally express its creativity and desire to explore unique and original ideas, enjoying an atmosphere conducive to experimentation.

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