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Do you want to fall in love and don’t know where to start? Here’s what to change to make your wishes come true.

If it is true that love is a precious and coveted feeling, it is also true that not everyone can experience it as much as they would like. In fact, there are many people who, while craving a love story like those in the movies, really struggle to be overwhelmed by love. A problem that some people live heavily and that could be solved simply by changing attitudes. Sometimes, in fact, we don’t fall in love because of previous fears and because of the brakes that are unconsciously put in place. But it is enough to understand what to work on to solve the problem and finally find yourself in love or at least on the right path to experience this feeling.

What to change to finally feel love

Aries – Stand aside
Well yes, to feel the love you have to learn to step aside and look less at yourself. You need to please yourself and always feel at the center of attention prevents you from noticing who you are next to. This causes you to never go beyond pure attraction. To truly love you need to know who is on the other side, to take an interest in him, and to make room for him first in your mind and immediately after in your heart. And how can you do if you take up the entire space in both places? Working on this aspect will lead you to live the dream of love you so desire.

Taurus – Let go of control
Love is the thing you care about the most. Unfortunately, however, your being a perfectionist leads you to want to control it in every aspect. This leads you to live things in a too calculated and not instinctive way. And this ends up taking away much of the poem from the feeling you would like to have. Starting to follow your instincts more and to leave others free to express themselves for who they are, maybe at first it will scare you a little. In a short time, however, it will allow you to experience new feelings and emotions. And, needless to say, love could be one of these.

Gemini – Be yourself
Sometimes it happens that you step aside and hide a bit, assuming you can’t like it if you show your whole self. Love, however, is a particular feeling that often arises precisely from conflicting emotions and that can be ignited by unusual ways of being and doing. If you want to feel loved and be free to reciprocate, then you should accept yourself more and start showing yourself for who you really are. Pros and cons are what characterize you and what makes you the person you are. A person is full of things to give and a step closer to love.

Cancer – Follow the Heart
Often, to feel confident in yourself, you end up establishing characteristics to look for in your hypothetical him. This probably leads you to find a more or less right person but not the one to fall in love with. To fully experience love you need to be more instinctive, to get closer to those who attract you for no particular reason, and to wait to see what their knowledge will lead to. Love is something you cannot control and part of its appeal lies in that. One more reason to try to be freer.

Leo – Be less pretentious
From a great love you really demand a lot and this risks leading you to never falling in love. If it is true that it is not right to be satisfied, the opposite is also true. And giving at least a chance to those in front of you will surely be a good way to really get to know who you care about and show yourself a little more for who you are. In this way, without making those in front of you uncomfortable, you may find that sometimes even those that at first seem like flaws hide something good. A really worth aspect
exploring and that will allow you to start loving someone.

Virgo – Be less negative.
Your problem with love? You are so negative and inclined to think badly of those in front of you that sometimes you end up not really seeing the potential of those around you. Ok, be careful but living in fear is not the best way to get close to someone. The risk is always present and it is right to be aware of it. At the same time, however, it is also important to leave the door open to doubt and hope. And when you decide to do it you will find that love has always been there and that the only problem was that you simply prevented yourself from living it.

Libra – Let yourself go
When it comes to feelings you tend to be too rigid and this is expressed also and above all in love. This way of preventing you from feeling deep emotions and all because your heart is constantly being held back. Working on this aspect and learning to be more yourself will help you to live better the relationship with others. And who knows that by starting to follow your heart you will not be able to get close to the dream of a love that you have been cultivating for some time.

Scorpio – Follow Your Instincts
Often, the only break between you and love is your using your reason too much. Leaving room for the heart and instinct is therefore a good way to get closer to the realization of the great love you have always dreamed of. You certainly don’t lack romance, just as you can’t say you don’t have the right charm to attract who you like. It’s all about asking yourself fewer questions (and fewer problems) and simply experiencing what’s in the moment. After all, even the most important journeys start with a single step.

Sagittarius – Come forward
Love is a feeling that you love to live first of all for yourself. Thus, it often happens that you feel something for someone. The problem is that you often expect the other to understand what you feel and come forward. And all when you could be the one taking the first step. To best experience a love like those in movies, you should avoid writing the script and go a little off the cuff. You would discover that the best plots are the ones that write themselves and that moment by moment give life to stories that if planned or held back would never be the same.

Capricorn – Live what comes
You are always so busy with your busy schedule that you have little time to devote to love. Nevertheless, you do not stop desiring it and waiting for particular signs to understand that the time has come to follow it. The truth is that it is better in life to live what comes and act from time to time based on what you feel. This way you will find that you have many more chances than you imagined and that will make you more ready than ever to live the love story you have long desired.

Aquarius – Put yourself on the line
Ok to be reserved but if it’s the love you aspire to you must also know how to put yourself on the line. This means not portraying yourself when you meet someone who might be the right person, showing yourself a little more sociable, and not hiding who you are. To love is to discover, accept and know each other day after day. And you will find that by letting yourself be guided by events you will be able to achieve what you want without more obstacles. An attempt that is really worth making.

Pisces – Accepting Love
Even though you are the most sentimental person in the zodiac, you put too much restraint on love. This is because in some ways you believe you don’t deserve love. While for others you find yourself afraid of suffering. By overcoming these two obstacles, you will find that your heart is already ready to love. And that to better enjoy this feeling you will only have to let yourself go and follow your instinct. The right person is around the corner and you just need to allow yourself to see her meet her and give life to the love story of your dreams.

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