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The zodiac signs who are friendless swear they don’t know why they don’t have them: reality, of course, is quite different. Let’s find out the ranking together!

You may have met a person who has no friends, no matter how nice or nice they are.
Nothing wrong with that; sometimes it happens that life and goals take you away from the people you know or love the most and this leads you not to have many friends.
The problem, however, arises when all the people who  seem  absolutely calm but are not really have no friends.
Are you ready to find out who we are talking about?

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The zodiac signs without friends: are you ready to discover the horoscope ranking?

Everyone, some more and some less, found ourselves facing a period of life in which we felt without friends.

Sometimes it happens that we have to deal with people who do not want to go out or, simply, life ‘s commitments take us away from the people we love most. Here, however, that happens to meet people (or in this case of the zodiac signs ) who are without friends . They say they have no idea why, but the stars and planets know what happens. Are you ready to find out too with today’s horoscope ranking ?

Scorpio: fifth place

Let’s put those born under the sign of Scorpio in today ‘s horoscope ranking simply because Scorpios are truly friendless.

Let’s talk about true , concrete friends  who are always present, dear Scorpio . Not of all your acquaintances! Scorpios
are absolutely people who don’t mind dating even people they know little. The real problem is that people tend to take advantage of their ways, their confidence and all their good points. That’s why Scorpio always takes risks with friendships!

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Sagittarius: fourth place

Even for those born under the sign of Sagittarius it is almost normal to be in the ranking of zodiac signs without friends .
If you think about it for a moment, in fact, you will realize that Sagittarians know a lot of people and are always out … it’s a pity that no one is really their friend!

Sagittarians are people who tend to always put themselves first; the “friends” perceive it and end up preferring a colder and more superficial relationship!

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Aquarius: third place

Dear Aquarius , don’t make that surprised face.
We are sorry to have to tell you that you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs without friends but that’s it!

The reason why you are “friendless” is that people often exploit you and this, sooner or later,  obviously tends to ruin your relationships. Aquarius
, in fact, are people who often take on everyone’s problems and who never stop working for others. A lot of people tend to believe

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Cancer: second place

Well yes, dear Cancerian friends , let’s face it: you don’t have all the friends you seem to have!
Cancers are people who have absolutely no problem saying everything they think to their faces.

This can create many problems in interpersonal relationships!
To be a friend of a Cancer , you must know him well or have a reason to love him that goes beyond simple dating .
Cancers , in fact , are extremely manipulative people, who can impose themselves in relationships without even realizing why.
In short: Cancers do not have many friends and the reason is simple. They are difficult people who can suffocate with their love!

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Pisces: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs without friends

Dear Pisces , it is time to face the harsh reality.
You can be truly lonely people, who don’t have many friends around them!

The reason is simple: you are such a graceful and envious person that being your friends is not easy at all! Pisces
, in fact, are people who often tend to focus on their own life and goals and who pursue their horizons without worrying about others. This makes Pisces life extremely lonely, with no possibility of merging it with anyone else! The Pisces in fact, they are too proud to ask for help when they need it and often end up letting loneliness take over.

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