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These 2 Zodiacs Are Repeating Old Patterns This Eclipse Season


I think you will find that starting March 25th, with the lunar eclipse in Libra things will start to feel a little familiar. Emotionally familiar, I mean. Like a nostalgic deja vu. Like you know exactly what’s coming next, because you’ve been here before. You understand what you need to do to navigate. Emotionally speaking. The feelings are the same, but the people are different. Everything about your life is different from what it was a year ago. Perhaps you’re working in a different environment with a different cast of characters and problems. Yet, eerily enough, everything feels so emotionally familiar. This makes sense with the Mercury Retrograde taking place from April 1st until April 25th which will have you treading familiar paths and reconnecting with those you’ve been out of touch with. A certain question that has been on your mind since this time last year is raised yet again. You haven’t gotten all the closure you need to break whatever yearly cycle this is. Virgo, you are very contemplative but you seem to be missing the mark with whatever the root of the issue is. Hence why do you feel like things are the same yet different? Now the universe is offering you a chance to figure out this mental block yet again. Prepare to solve an old lingering mystery during this time.


With the Mercury retrograde happening throughout the majority of April, you will realize that a year has passed and you feel no closer to the goals you’ve set for yourself, Gemini. But why is this? You were so focused and goal-oriented before. You were the kind of person who when they said they would do something, you would do it. Why is that no longer the case for you as of right now? The answer lies somewhere in the past and you may find yourself nostalgically revisiting the past through playlists, photo albums, and cherished memories. You may find that you’re holding on to something from those times that you’re unable to let go of. Perhaps you’re feeling afraid to grow up and recognize that life isn’t going to always look the same year after year. This sense of familiarity is fleeting. The people you once surrounded yourself with, won’t always be there. The job you have now that you’ve grown comfortable with, won’t always be your place of work. Change will find you. Expect a reunion of some sort, but don’t think this person will stick around forever like they used to be. It’ll be a nice encounter for old times sake but you’ll find that they have grown up and moved on with the times. Perhaps you need to start thinking about the same thing.

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