Find out which zodiac signs are best suited to follow a TV series and what kind.

Never before has there been so much talk about TV series and how nice it is to be able to spend an evening or even a whole day in front of the screen to watch hours and hours of your favorite TV series. If once admitting such a passion was at least risky, today the people who scream it from the rooftops are more and more and this also depends on how over time we began to talk about it, from the many TV series that broadcast daily and from the spread of platforms that, free or paid, allow you to view entire series without having to wait for the next episode. A choice that leaves more room for personal freedom and which has brought more and more people closer to this very particular hobby.
Since even the ability to be passionate about the series or not may depend at least in part on your zodiac sign, today after seeing what the zodiac signs think when they say they are well and what is how each sign thinks about the future, we will find out what the zodiac signs are more inclined to watching TV series.

Horoscope and TV series: how much are the various signs of the zodiac carried

Aries – Not too inclined
If we talk about a series now and then, then even those born under the sign of Aries can end up passionate. However, it must be something short because their already scarce patience could run out before the end of the story, leading them to interrupt the vision. Active as they are, being glued for hours in front of the screen is not something they like at all, and when they are tired they need something that gives them the right adrenaline. To be able to get passionate they, therefore, need a series with short episodes and well marked by the rhythm and, obviously, with a few seasons. This will allow him to keep a good memory of it.

Taurus – Fairly carried
If there is one thing that characterizes the natives of Taurus it is the desire to sit on a Danielle enjoying lazy afternoons, perhaps accompanying the vision of a good TV series with something good to eat or drink. For them, a day of relaxation is one of the most important aspects and able to put them in a good mood and therefore in the conditions to face commitments and heavy periods. Even long seasons are fine because they allow him to get in tune with the characters, which always pleases him, having a romantic nature that they love to pour into every aspect of their life, especially those who can remain private.

Gemini – According to the periods
As often happens, those born under the sign of Gemini, do not have a single answer as they are extremely humoral and therefore prone to change their mind about everything that concerns them. When it comes to TV series, their preference can change based on mood. If in a positive phase they may want to follow something but without too much effort. If depressed or particularly down, they can spend hours in front of the TV but with a negative approach and aimed only at not thinking about anything. In these cases, it would be better to find a friend with whom to share the vision to exchange a few words and maybe be able to get out of whatever pushed them to a negative mode. The most suitable genre? One full of suspense and with a hint of mystery.

Cancer – Not too inclined
The natives of Cancer would seem the most suitable people to get passionate about TV series, but in reality, they struggle a lot because following the stories of non-real characters for a long time, in the end almost always tires them. Of course, if they find the perfect series that contains the right amount of action, romance, and twists, they can end up taking an interest. In most cases, however, it is a world that they cannot hear at 100% and to which they prefer an outing with friends or watching some show with which they can switch off their mind without having to fear losing. the thread at the first distraction. For them, the best series are the romantic ones.

Leo – Carried but in moderation
Those born under the sign of Leo are not among the people most inclined to follow TV series. Their life is too dynamic to make them take an interest in something that risks engaging them even for years and if they decide to do so it is only for something short, perhaps that will thrill the whole family thus becoming an excuse to spend time together. Every so often they end up following with interest something that seems to touch their chords but mostly they just watch without ever getting involved and all because while they seem absorbed, they are intent on thinking about future projects. Excellent action series.

Virgo – Bring yourself but for a few chosen series
Virgo native’s love habits and that of following a TV series can be the right diversion for them to follow even for several years. When they find something that can fascinate them, then, they welcome it with joy, immersing themselves in it in the round and using it as a primary source of distraction. This way of doing, however, is put into action only when they find something that they deem worthy of interest. If this does not happen, they prefer to concentrate on something else, avoiding wasting time with the risk of getting bored. The investigative series is probably the most suitable.

Libra – Moderately worn
Those born under the sign of Libra are particularly linked to TV series set in places that they consider beautiful and with characters capable of attracting their interest. When they find something they like, they tend to get passionate and follow it from start to finish, happy to have an appointment that can last for years, making them savor the atmospheres that they like so much and that, in certain situations, help them to relax, especially in times of greatest stress. Among the most suitable TV series are those set in other times and therefore rich in elegance.

Scorpio – Carry
The natives of Scorpio love to build bonds not only with people but also with characters from novels and, why not, from TV series. For this reason, when they have the opportunity, they love the idea of ​​starting to follow a series, as long as this can transport them away and make them forget their daily problems, thrilling them to the point of being able to immerse themselves in what they see. The most suitable series for them is the mysterious ones, perhaps with a little action and a riot of feelings, which they just can’t give up, not even in fiction.

Sagittarius – Insufficiently carried
Lovers of life in the open air and the possibility of getting around and always meeting new people, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are not so inclined to TV series. For them, staying home and watching something is often a sign of boredom and they prefer to spend their time differently. Nevertheless, now and then they too like to take refuge in the vision of something that can distract them. And when this happens, the genre that can fascinate them the most is fantasy or that deals with unconventional situations.

Capricorn – Carry yourself in your spare time
Those born under the sign of Capricorn are too busy with their commitments to be able to keep up with the TV series. However, it is no longer said that they do not try. When they have time available they always try to devote themselves to their vision, perhaps even going so far as to become passionate about some of them. The problem is that even following them, if they find themselves having to account for their things, they almost always end up forgetting to watch the new episodes until the interest wanes, leading them to wonder whether to continue or stop. A situation that occurs punctually and that they try to ignore anyway, trying again every time. Who knows that sooner or later the right series will not arrive, able to make them capitulate and make them forget even the many tasks they usually surround themselves with. The most suitable genre? I am a medical drama.

Aquarius – Indifferent
The natives of Aquarius do not have a real relationship with TV series. If they find something they like, they also follow it with interest but without giving too much weight to it. For them, whether it’s a movie or a TV show, it doesn’t matter. What he cares about is being able to carve out spaces to devote to his things. Sure, the favorite TV show excuse to watch is always great to use when they don’t feel like going out, which is why friends are very likely to believe they are involved with multiple series at a time when the only thing they do is. to stay home quietly. Quiet series are good for them.

Pisces – Extremely gifted
If there are one thing people born under the sign of Pisces love it is having fixed appointments to think about during the day. Knowing that their favorite series episode awaits them is one of the things that help them get to the end of the day with a smile. And if they can share this special appointment with people who love everything, it becomes even more interesting, becoming a really special moment that they try to dedicate themselves as much as possible. Which series does he like best? Those with credible characters, to whom “become attached” have pathos, emotional involvement, and, needless to say, at least one love story.

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