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Let’s find out immediately if your partner is one of the zodiac signs who love Christmas: are you destined to decorate the whole house in advance? 

Yes, we all have a partner who is our complete opposite.
Maybe it’s your favorite football team, your tastes in music or movies, or just the types of clothes and styles you like to flaunt.

Nothing wrong with that: after all, it is true that opposites attract each other, don’t you think?
Everything changes, however, when Christmas begins to be felt. For some people, we can only talk about Christmas in December while others have already started preparing for the arrival of this holiday for some time (or have never stopped).
Let’s find out if you just going to live with your partner, you find yourself the decorations of Christmas at home even in March!

The zodiac signs who love Christmas: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Who is does not love Christmas? If you ask one of the five signs of the zodiac who gained the first position in the ranking of today’s horoscope, the answer will be decisive: all love and adore Christmas!

We have learned, however, that this is not the case: there are people and zodiac signs who just don’t appreciate the holiday season!
Today’s ranking of the zodiac signs, therefore, will help us understand who are the people who are crazy about Christmas.

The reason is simple: now that you know which are the zodiac signs that just can’t help but hang numerous Santa Clauses on the windows or that must have their windows sprinkled with fake snow, you will also know who to avoid during the Christmas holidays!

No, come on, of course, we’re kidding (only you can know if and how much you hate Christmas or if the ranking of the zodiac signs who love this holiday doesn’t help you to find new friends). Ready to discover today’s top five positions?

Leo: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Leo do not disdain Christmas, quite the contrary! For them, it is a moment in which they can feel protagonists without necessarily having to feel guilty. Hey, it’s Christmas: there is a justification for all the gifts they will receive!
(And that Leos would like to have every day, for no reason).

Seriously: Leos are people who have a strong sense of family and group, even if they may not be good at expressing it in words.
This is why Leos appreciate Christmas: even if they snort, they know that spending time with your family is the most important thing in the world. Christmas is the perfect ” excuse ” for them!

Scorpio: fourth place

Yes, Scorpios also have a tender side and this tender side certainly shows up at Christmas!
For those born under this sign, there seems to be no better party than this: they can rest and laze with the excuse of the cold and having to stay at home!

The Scorpio, then, may just take some time off from work (of necessity. Those who would work even at Christmas, not being able to do it?) … can focus on the family and decorations!
Long last! The Scorpios can’t wait to be able to test themselves with trees and nativity scenes, which every year must be more beautiful and complicated than last year. In short, practically all Scorpios become engineers at Christmas!

Pisces: third place

Dreamy and rapt gaze, those born under the sign of Pisces generally walk three meters above the sky when it comes to Christmas!
While this is not their favorite season, those born under the sign of Pisces particularly enjoy this holiday.

They can show their love and affection to others, without being told that they are exaggerated or out of place.
Indeed, even more: they can finally experiment with new ways of feeling close to others without having to worry about surrender! Here, then, that Pisces will make you hand-made gifts, little thoughts, and little surprises designed practically tailored for you. Make sure you have something ready for them, otherwise they’ll be terrified!

Taurus: second place

Dear Toro, we know you’re surprised and confused by the fact you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs that love on Christmas.
Yet we know very well that you adore this party… even if you pretend otherwise!

The Taurus, in fact, often and willingly pretend not to love Christmas but we reveal a secret: the reason is that they have very high expectations for this holiday! Here, then, that the Taurus try to protect themselves, saying that Christmas is a holiday that they do not like at all.

There is a simple test, though, that will make you understand how much your partner or friend Taurus loves Christmas: controlled rise when their decorations!
The Toro can leave the Christmas tree or colorful little lights until summer: love this festival!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs who love Christmas

Surprised to find Cancer at the top of the ranking of zodiac signs that love Christmas? But now, let’s talk about the family celebration par excellence: Cancer cannot but love it with all their heart!
Although Christmas is a special time for those born under this sign, we can assure you that Cancer loves this holiday.

The period is particularly cancer simply because, if he could, would return immediately child and enjoy the Christmas by adults is not as simple as it once was.
But for Cancer, Christmas is a magical time: people who wish each other happy holidays on the street, gifts, the magic of cold and snow also contribute to making them appreciate winter (which Cancers generally hate).

In short, if you want to conquer cancer or if you want to spend a nice afternoon with him, take him for a ride to see the lights of Christmas.
It’s the only way to get them out of the house in these temperatures!

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