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These 5 Zodiac Signs Never Contact You Again After The First Date

The date was nice, the conversations were interesting, he looked like his profile and had even more beautiful eyes than expected, so everything was great. Actually. Because he hasn’t contacted me since then. Ghosting is no longer uncommon these days and more and more often people choose the supposedly easier route and simply avoid the clarifying conversation, which leaves the other person with uncertainty and question marks. If you dare to look at the stars, you can see that one or two zodiac signs are known for quietly and secretly disappearing. Read here better now, whether you are dealing with a zodiac sign that tends to ghost (before it’s too late).


The Aries goes into the date prepared so that he can make a quick exit at any time. Because the fire sign quickly gets cold feet when it feels restricted and under pressure. Therefore, avoid talking about serious topics and questions about the future together, then you will have a good time with the Aries.


Guided by their instincts, Taurus often makes quick decisions and ends things for themselves when their gut feeling leads them to do so. If the date or the person in general feels like a rocky road with no destination for the earth sign, it will turn around very quickly. The only plus point is that at least the bull pays the bill beforehand and doesn’t leave you completely lost.


With a twin, as the name suggests, you can rarely be sure which side you are dealing with. The date can end harmoniously and harmlessly, but it could also be the case that after an evening you suddenly never see him or her again. However, the air sign never completely disappears from social media and continues to diligently look at stories and postings – the curiosity is too great.

4. LEO

Unfortunately, appearances are often deceptive with Leo, because everything always starts so well. The evening goes great, you look for red flags in vain and the chemistry is more than noticeable. But the zodiac sign often disappears without a sound, leaving a few question marks behind. Because even if a Leo likes you, in the end, the fire sign likes itself the most and rarely sees people as worthy enough in the long term.


Aquarius will leave faster than you can ask for the bill if they feel uncomfortable on a date and don’t have any topics to talk about. Therefore, it helps to find out something about the other person’s interests in advance to avoid silence and tension at the table and to lighten up the evening with one or two unexpected comments.

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