These 3 zodiac signs hate noise


Craftsmen who start hammering and drilling at 7 a.m., neighbors who go about their mischief with the leaf blower on Sundays – just two examples of the noise that one is helplessly exposed to these days. Cars honking their horns or people sitting next to them on the tram screaming loudly into their cell phones also fall under the category of unnecessary noise. This gets on the nerves of many contemporaries. However, the following 3 zodiac signs are particularly sensitive to noise.


Sensitive and sensitive to noise, the zodiac sign Pisces basically abhor any noise. As a friend of the quiet tones, it is downright disgusted by noisy people. Pisces have no understanding of a high volume, as they have a delicate nerve costume that appreciates a turned down noise level. If you don’t stop constantly beating the nerves of the fish with noise, the otherwise gentle fish can quickly become a wildly snapping piranha.


Even the scales can’t stand any noise. As a considerate, harmony-conscious zodiac sign, she loves it quiet and quickly gets migraines when her surroundings are too noisy. The cultivated and understanding Libra likes neither screaming nor pounding bass-thumping – if the noise becomes too much for her, she can quickly transform into a snooty madame who indignantly looks down on her surroundings and calls in the lawyer.


Bothering a Scorpio with noise borders on being tired of life. Irritated and vengeful, this zodiac sign will pursue the noise cause and, of course, figuratively speaking, turn off the tap. The Scorpio hates nothing more than annoying contemporaries who disturb him in his chosen resting place. Whether construction noise, engine misfire or constant chattering – nobody can escape an implacable representative of this zodiac sign.


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