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The stars reveal to us which are the two zodiac signs that next April could suffer due to the end of their relationship.

In the astrologer’s predictions for April 2022, two zodiac signs will have to face problems at a couple level and if they manage to solve them they may have to face a definitive break.

Love is a feeling that over time can grow and become stronger or weaken until it dies. Nurturing love is essential and every partner should do what is necessary to protect this feeling. Unresolved problems, poor communication and routine are some factors that harm the couple and could even spell the end of the relationship. If you are one of these two signs, be prepared to face a stormy sentimental situation.

Here are the two zodiac signs that could leave in April

If you are part of these two zodiac signs and on a sentimental level in recent months you have faced a crisis, it is time to draw conclusions. You will be about to find out if the crisis has been overcome and you can finally relax or if your problems have laid the foundation for a definitive break. If you take part of these two signs apart, you may experience a separation in April.


Taurus is a very empathetic sign. He usually has no difficulty in understanding others. He also has a strong attachment to his family and is very protective of his loved ones. Taurus is also an anxious sign and this condition is amplified especially during seasonal changes. With the arrival of Spring this sign has started to feel upset but the worst will come in April. In April, the Taurus against his will may separate due to the discovery of his partner’s infidelity. She will not be able to tolerate this great disrespect and she will not be able to forgive him and with a broken heart she will put an end to her relationship forever.


Virgo is a very precise, reliable and conscientious sign on a professional level. In love life she is very demanding and is never happy. He expects a lot from the person he loves and loves to receive continuous demonstrations of love. In love they are a bit possessive and fragile at the same time. Very sensitive to states of prolonged stress, this sign finds its peace in a strong and lasting relationship. The more the partner is able to flood him with romance and gestures of love, the more this sign will feel happy and satisfied in love. Unfortunately in April this sign will risk finding himself with a shattered heart because his craving to always have to control everything will make his states of anxiety soar, putting a strain on the psychological well-being of the partner who may decide to put a point and desire separation.

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