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4 zodiac signs from which it is useless to wait for a marriage proposal

And then it happened – he knelt down and held out a velvet box with a ring. But there are few reasons for joy – after all, most likely, the chosen one has a lip-rolling machine on the other hand. And no, this is not a protracted nightmare – this is your life, which, alas, does not look like a fairy tale, at the end of which a magnificent wedding is expected.

Especially if you are waiting for a marriage proposal from one of these four representatives of the zodiac circle. Who are these destroyers of hopes for women’s happiness?


“Marry? A-ha-ha” exclaimed Aries, playfully winking at the registrar, pinching the bridesmaids on the fly and … running away from his own wedding. Yes, yes, in the case of this guy, the scenario will be just that. After all, Aries did not even think of leading you down the aisle – and if he did propose, then most likely you simply misunderstood him, or he was out of his mind (or on fun).

Men of this sign cannot walk up for a long time, and they don’t want to – after all, there are so many beautiful women, and Aries is so alone, and his darling constantly wants adventures. What are the bonds of marriage and responsibility? And then, handing the ring to each is, you see, impermissible wasteful.


“Will you marry me?” – the Twins shout menacingly … and hide behind their friend. They are ready to “give” their woman to a friend, just to avoid responsibility. And in general – what do you not like? Live peacefully in a civil marriage and enjoy an open relationship.


Why a stamp? – We are so good together. Why spend money on a wedding? – Let’s go to the sea. Do you want to get married? “Well, be patient a little (10-20 years) until I get on my feet.” Congratulations – you’ve heard Leo’s traditional excuses. And the fire sign is simply afraid of a serious relationship. Well, it’s not his, not his.

And do not even dream that time will pass and everything will fall into place: Leo will change his mind, take a closer look and decide that it is time for him to settle down. These fiery beauties will walk to the last, because such a “diamond” is unlikely, in principle, anyone is worthy.


You have already twisted a foil ring on your finger, and tried on tulle instead of a dress, but Sagittarius still hasn’t understood the hint. And he won’t understand even if you stick it in your passport. Why get married if Sagittarius is happy with everything? You can leave him and wait until he realizes everything and proposes to you. Just don’t be surprised when you see a fiery guy walking arm in arm with some beauty. But the stars will console you – he will not marry her either.

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