Find out which are the zodiac signs that tend to cry on you.

There are people who in the face of difficulties tend to cry on themselves, seeing everything black and thinking that certain misfortunes happen only to them. It is a way of doing things that often those directly concerned do not realize because they are taken up by themselves and everyday life as never before. Thus, it may happen that with others they even boast of being positive and always ready to react in the face of adversity.

The truth is that the tendency to act one way over another is only seen when things go wrong. And never as in full quarantine is it easy to see how some people are more predisposed to collapse than others who, on the other hand, appear unusually resistant and positive.

This is because people do not always react as they think they can and that sometimes those who may seem fragile are stronger than many others. Particularities can depend on several factors but which, among other things, can be influenced by the stars.

For this reason, after having seen how each zodiac sign should start the month of May in the best possible way and which is the most suitable literary genre for each sign of the zodiac, today we will discover which are the signs that tend to cry more than others and which ones, instead, they never do. Since this is an aspect related to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant.

Astrology: The zodiac signs that mourn themselves

Aries – Those who sometimes tend to do it
Those born under the sign of Aries are strong people who love to show themselves as such in the eyes of others. For this reason, they rarely show their frailties, and many times they end up denying them even to themselves. This way of doing things pushes them not to elaborate on what hurts them and sometimes, under stress, they can end up “bursting”, starting to see everything black and think negatively about everything that concerns them.

When this happens, they end up showing a side of themselves that is usually unprecedented and in which they do not hesitate to say they are unlucky or do not want to know to see any glimmers or reasons to be happy. Usually, these are temporary crises that the natives of the signed file once they have passed, diminishing them and returning to behave as usual. However, when they arise they can be really heavy and difficult to deal with.

Taurus – Those who hardly ever do
The natives of Taurusthey always have a relaxed attitude towards what is happening around them. For this reason, at most, they can be a little down in the dumps. The positive side is that they never have a problem with disclosing how they are and this leads them to vent any frustration without ever accumulating negative feelings. A modus operandi that helps them to maintain a positive approach towards life and that ensures that they are always able to find a way out for those situations that they do not like or that they consider too difficult to deal with. If needed, they do not even hesitate to ask for help and this is beneficial for their psyche as well as for the social relationships that they always manage to keep at their best, even in times of great difficulty.

Gemini – Those who do this from time to time
Those born under the sign of Gemini are known for their continuous ups and downs and as you can imagine, these also occur in regards to crying on oneself. Thus, it can happen to see them more proactive than ever and so charged that they can also help others and find them in a decidedly opposite way a few days later. The upside is that they can generally keep positive moods longer and this is a great help in boosting their mood. When they find themselves experiencing negative emotions, however, they end up withdrawing into themselves to the point of making the atmosphere heavy. Theirs is a kind of defense that they put in place to protect themselves first of all from the risk of getting sick. Nevertheless, facing it for those around them, as well as for themselves, can be difficult.

Cancer – Those Who Always
Do Cancer natives have a crybaby nature that leads them to cry on each other more often than they realize. They do this in everyday life and even more so when things tend to go wrong. Anxious as few, they often feel bad about things that have yet to happen and this means that they can be quite heavy. Dealing with them in these situations is difficult especially because when they decide to be inconsolable there is nothing that can make them feel better. Only time can give them a hand, making them smile again and bringing a little light into the clouds they have created for themselves. One thing they do not realize and that even immediately after living they will tend to belittle or justify, except to fall back on the same way at the first opportunity.

Leo – Those who rarely do
Those born under the sign of Leo always love to show themselves superior to everything they enter into a relationship with. For this reason, it is really difficult to see them intent on feeling sorry for themselves. In the face of problems and difficulties they can get angry and aggressive but will always look for a way to win. In some situations, they too tend to lose heart and this happens when they realize that they have no way of acting on events to change their course.

In these cases, they tend to close in on themselves so as not to show how they are and not to appear fragile. In fact, to always show their best they prefer to isolate themselves and solve their problems by themselves. Something which they will boast of once they have achieved their first successes, highlighting their ability to recover on their own even in times of adversity.

Virgo – Those who mourn abducted
Virgo natives are most likely the sign of the zodiac that mourns itself most of all. This is because basically, they are negative people who cannot let themselves go completely to joy even when they are overwhelmed by it. This way of doing things leads them to always look for the negative behind everything and when this is more evident, their reaction increases, leading them to feel bad in a more visible way and to vent the negative feelings that accompany them for most of their life. Getting the better of this way of doing things is difficult for them and impossible for those around them. The only way out, in these cases, is to let them vent and wait for the moment to pass. All hoping that the next one does not come back too quickly.

Libra – Those who do it are in extreme cases
Those born under the sign of Libra have on their side a moderate and positive temperament to the point of being able to counteract and overcome any negative thought. This leads them to know how to deal with even the worst times with a strength of mind that manages to lift even those around them. However, there are moments that they too can experience in an extremely difficult way and particularly concern situations that seem difficult to deal with or for which it takes a long time.

In these cases, if even after trying them all they think they have no way out, they can give in to the point of feeling sorry for themselves. In doing so, however, they will try to avoid others in all ways and this is because not only do they usually ask for help, preferring to be able to manage their emotions alone. Sometimes what they need is simply to let off steam and, once the moment has passed, they get up stronger than before even if visibly tried by the accumulated stress.

Scorpio – Those who do it infrequently and in silence
The natives of Scorpio are very reserved people and for this reason, they do not like to share the strongest emotions with others. When they happen to be downcast, therefore, they tend not to let you see or hear, looking for a possible solution on their own. Sometimes they prefer to allow themselves time to vent the frustration and negative emotions they feel inside and when they do, they manage to re-emerge stronger than before and above all aware that they have all the means to overcome every obstacle.
As strong people as they are, they will always tend not to show their weaknesses and probably no one will realize how they are unless they know them so well that they can read in their silences, often witnesses of something they have chosen to live and face. alone.

Sagittarius – Those who do it a lot
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to paint themselves as strong, sunny, and reckless people. And, although they are always ready to have fun and enjoy beautiful things, in terms of strength and recklessness they are not so experienced. This leads them to experience even the smallest things as real tragedies, causing them to complain and mourn much more than expected.
A situation that they never know how to manage well and for which they can alternate aggressive ways with others in which they appear pessimistic. Fortunately, once the moment has passed, I can go back to the way I was before. All without realizing how heavy they can be when things don’t go according to their tastes.

Capricorn – Those Who Do It Quite Often
Capricorn natives love to feel strong and capable of dealing with everything and tend to describe themselves as that even when it is clear they are doing the exact opposite. It is a way of doing things that often tend to confuse those around them and that can lead them to give an image of themselves that is too confused. The truth is, their ability to handle adversity is nowhere near as good as they want you to believe.

And being the first to convince them that they can do it when they are faced with the truth, they end up going into crisis. A crisis that often leads them to externalize their malaise. Fortunately, this is not something that happens often and, more often than not, only the people who know them best can grasp the differences.

Aquarius – Those Who Do It Their Way
Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to cry on themselves whenever things don’t go their way. This leads them to always feel low in tone and to think that others always have fortunes that are not granted to them. Their way of acting, however, is often hidden. So it is difficult for others to realize how they feel.
And, even when they decide to talk about it with someone, they end up confusing him because of the way of putting himself which, basically, always remains the same. That said, they also have moments where they tend to explode and when that happens they can be heavy and very difficult to manage. As mentioned, however, it is something that they rarely share with others, which is why it will not happen often to find them in this mode.

Pisces – Those who never do
The natives of Pisces do not usually feel sorry for themselves and this is because, in addition to being particularly positive people, they are also very resilient. When they find themselves in difficult situations, they do what they can to get the better of them and they always do so by remaining proactive. Of course, sometimes like everyone they can have moments of pessimism. But even when it happens, they always try not to show it, making themselves strong for others as well.

Being empathic people they are always reluctant to put their bad moments on others, preferring to let off some negative thoughts on their own to return as soon as calm as they usually are.


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