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This Is What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Manipulative

Aries – Aries has an emotional underbelly which can often come across as anger. An Aries may become manipulative if insulted or treated harshly. They may manipulate you into believing that you did not hurt them when you did.

Taurus – Taurus is stubborn. They want what they want and refuse to settle for less. They know this about themselves, so in order to seem agreeable, they may manipulate a situation to be sure that they get their way.

Gemini – Unfortunately, as a mutable sign and a sign of the Twins, there’s very little a Gemini won’t manipulate. Their minds run quickly, and they may change their ideas and perspectives frequently. They may manipulate situations and truths to please the other Twin.

Cancer – Cancers are cardinal signs. As a sign of the initiator, they want to get things going. If things, situations, or people are getting started fast enough, they will manipulate in order to get the ball moving.

Leo – Leo is the regal sign. In their mind, they deserve to be worshipped for the lion/lioness they are. If they see that they aren’t getting the loyalty and attention that they deserve, this may cause them to become manipulative.

Virgo – Virgo craves perfection and detail. This can cause them to be critical of themselves and of others. If the details are not adding up or they are becoming too critical of themselves, they may manipulate situations in order to obtain perfection.

Libra – Libra is the sign of the scales. They seek balance above all. Additionally, Libra strives to be liked by everyone. This can cause them to manipulate situations in order to gain balance and agreeability.

Scorpio – Scorpio can be secretive, loyal, and a bit obsessive. If any of these three things are threatened, they can be manipulative in order to maintain their sense of privacy, loyalty, and obsession over things and people.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius needs to maintain a sense of freedom. They tend to not be held down by commitment and responsibility; however, they know that these structures must exist in order to obtain freedom. So, they may play the roles that society expects them to in order to maintain their sense of freedom.

Capricorn – Capricorn needs to be in control. They are also cardinal signs, which seek to initiate things. If a Capricorn loses control or can not begin projects on their time, they will manipulate situations in order to come out on top.

Aquarius – Not much can restrain an Aquarius. As an air sign, they are quite intellectual and pride themselves on their uniqueness and individuality. If an Aquarius sees that being threatened, they will manipulate situations to loosen the fetters

Pisces – As a water sign, Pisces can be quite sensitive. They aim to please and want to be liked by those around them. If they are confronted about wrongdoings, they will manipulate situations to make sure that they appear as the victim.

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