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There are zodiac signs that more than others find it difficult to fall in love. Find out what they are and why.

When you fall in love, the ways change from person to person. And, at the same time, times and ways change. Each of us has a different image of love and based on this we tend to change our way of acting during the possible stages of falling in love. Some imagine a love from the film and who in the absence of certain requirements do not even try to give the other person a chance and those, on the other hand, believe that they are not suitable for such a feeling, thus ending up withdrawing from it even when possibilities are present. These are situations that are difficult to manage and that often have nothing rational at all. In fact, instead of conscious thought, there is an underlying fear that leads to hiding in front of the power of a feeling that, even if desired, one does not know how to deal with.

All characteristics depend on the character and experience of each person but also the influence of the stars. For this reason, after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac that spend too much online and how the zodiac signs fight emotional loneliness, today we will discover which are the zodiac signs that have the most difficulty falling in love and why. Considering that it is an aspect also linked to the way of feeling, it is advisable to also check the profile of the ascendant of the various zodiac signs.

Astrology: what prevents the various zodiac signs from experiencing love

Aries – Fear of limiting one’s freedom
Those born under the sign of Aries have a particularly strong sense of personal freedom. This leads them to live with pressing fear all those situations that in their eyes appear to be a threat. Among these, there is also love. As much as they may feel taken by someone, when they start to feel the feeling grow, they always tend to take a step back for fear of having to give up their space. Sometimes it would be enough for them to understand that together with the right person, nothing is a sacrifice anymore. Not to mention that a healthy relationship would allow them to always be themselves and therefore to be able to feel free. All things that only a very attentive partner will be able to make them understand, thus saving a love story that, otherwise, would risk being seriously compromised by their fears.

Taurus – The uncertainty of not being reciprocated
Although the natives of Taurus are not among the signs that they struggle to fall in love, sometimes it can happen to them to stop a story for fear that on the other side there is not the same type of involvement. Most of the time it is a baseless fear that is triggered in them only because they believe they do not see the typical signs of love in the other person. It is a problem that they live so badly that they prefer a story cut short on the most beautiful than living with too many fears. A problem that could be solved simply by talking and communicating with the partner and that the partner himself can mediate by showing them his involvement. A choice that would help the relationship to evolve without particular hitches.

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Gemini – The fear of habit
Those born under the sign of Gemini are people who know each other well. So they know they have a big problem with everything normal. So when they feel that the relationship is evolving into something important, to the point of involving the feelings, they tend to freeze. Their greatest fear? That the relationship becomes more and more monotonous and therefore less pleasant to live and that the story becomes stagnant, relegating them to a relationship that they would not know how to manage. A fear that would be enough to discuss to minimize everything to move forward little by little to find out what the future has in store for them.

Cancer – The fear of suffering
A bit like the natives of Taurus, even the zodiac signs of Cancer tend not to have much trouble falling in love. Indeed, it can be said that this also happens quite often. Their problem is mostly related to the progress of the story and the way of communicating with the partner. If they fear that they are not loved enough and that they may face disappointment or suffering, the natives of the sign prefer to avoid it altogether. This pushes them to sever relationships that are important to them and often without a real need. The partner, in this sense, can only try to cheer them up in time to make them understand that they are taken in the same way and that they have no bad intentions towards them. It’s not guaranteed to work but it can make a difference.

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Leo – The need to always feel first
Those born under the sign of Leo are demanding people and this is also true in love. When they feel something for someone and live a feeling, they feel the need to be able to count on the other person as a sort of accomplice. If that doesn’t happen or their needs aren’t put first, they end up taking it personally, escalating the relationship until they decide to end it. Sometimes, theirs is just a problem of timing and it would be enough to wait for the attachment and mutual esteem to change things for their needs to materialize. On the other hand, they are also impatient people and this often leads them willingly not to want to wait even one day longer than what is internally established.

Virgo – The fear of truly trusting
Virgo natives have a very personal and particular worldview. This leads them not to be confident in others and this also occurs when the next is the partner. Although in love, they tend to be afraid of letting go or of being completely themselves because they fear they may encounter disappointments that they would not be able to bear. A problem that they live in a very strong way and that only a partner able to win their trust can be able to solve, leading them to try rather than close the story ahead of time.

Libra – The fear of disappointing expectations
Those born under the sign of Libra always have high expectations of love. They imagine a partner who can understand them on the fly, to appear brilliant, and to fulfill their every little desire. When they begin to have feelings for someone, they then find themselves noticing every slightest divergence between their expectations and reality. When they notice them they feel disappointed and instead of trying to see if things improve over time, more often than not they end up giving up everything. This is a somewhat anomalous defense mechanism but it makes sense to them. And only a partner who is attentive and able to understand what they expect could change things, talking to them and trying to make them understand his good intentions so that the story continues in the best way.

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Scorpio – The fear that it is not the story of life
The natives of Scorpio are people who believe in great love and who, although it may not seem like it, are decidedly romantic. So when they have feelings for someone, one of their first thoughts is whether or not that person is the right person to spend the rest of their life with. Since these are people who do not like to waste time and who know how to feel good even alone, if they begin to suspect that they have not yet found a soul mate, they can end up closing the story, not without having first tested the partner. So, if you want to spend more time with them, the only chance is to commit to understanding if it is a story that can go on or if, instead, it is something destined to end. Then,

Sagittarius – The fear of having to work hard
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love simple things and when it comes to feelings, they prefer to approach a partner who can make their life more beautiful. When they don’t succeed or they realize that the problems to be overcome risk being many, they prefer to close the story immediately. For them, the very idea of ​​fighting is extremely heavy and this means that if they can avoid doing it, they don’t even waste time thinking about it. This, of course, can cause him to miss important stories as well. Something they are aware of but accept to take risks in order not to change their lifestyle, which has always been based on simplicity and the desire to have fun and do only what can make them feel good.

Capricorn – Fear of Trust
Capricorn natives are sociable people who love both dating and starting a new relationship. When things start to get serious, however, they find themselves taking a few steps backward frightened by the thought of having to trust another person. When it comes to trust they are particularly closed people who find it hard to believe 100% in the word of others and who for this reason have great difficulty in confiding in their turn. All reasons that can push them to close a story prematurely, frightened by the thought of a lack of complicity destined to remain so forever. An underlying problem that could be easily solved if they gave time to time and tried a little harder to rely on others.

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Aquarius – Fear of losing privacy
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are extremely reserved people and have always been linked to a need for freedom that leads them to avoid getting too close to others. This means that even if involved, they find themselves avoiding serious involvement as much as possible. And this is because their greatest fear is that of finding themselves having to give up free time or the possibility of living as they like. These are very big fears that can even compromise important relationships. And which, even more importantly, they also have a certain value since for them every small change represents a difficult problem to accept. A detail that partners should always take into account to help them fear their presence as little as possible.

Pisces – The fear of clashing with one’s ideals
The natives of Pisces are among the signs of the zodiac who dream of love the most. It is therefore very difficult for them to deliberately decide to close the doors of their heart. On the other hand, they are also people with many ideas and able to dream of such pure and special loves that it is practically impossible to stand up to comparison. This, at times, can lead them to experience bitter disappointments which can result in the choice to interrupt a story or not to start it at all. A problem that only an attentive partner willing to be with them can be able to solve. It is enough to show them the sincere desire to give everything to make them relax about their fears. Even better, you will choose to go hand in hand by correcting any shortcomings until you find a balance as close to perfection as possible.

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