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The stars are about to reveal to us which are the zodiac signs that these days will be lucky, happy and will fulfill all their wishes.

According to astrological predictions, some signs are about to experience a high degree of happiness.   The Scorpio season continues until November 22 in this period Mercury and Venus are in transit in this water sign, which means that some zodiac signs will be affected by the effects of this astral configuration and will be particularly happy.   They will be until the middle of the month.

What will be the lucky zodiac signs that will be extremely happy these days? If you are among the signs of this ranking be prepared to make all your dreams come true and to make all your wishes come true, according to the stars this is a great time for you.

Here are the signs that they will make all their dreams come true these days

The astral configurations of this particular moment turn out to be very favorable for 3 natives of the Zodiac for which there will be many beautiful opportunities especially at work and school level. The Scorpio energy will have a positive effect on these signs which will have a crazy intuition that will push them to fulfill all their wishes.

We are about to reveal to you what the three lucky signs are, this good luck will accompany you until November 17 when after Saturn that will pass through Aquarius the movement of the stars will bring Mercury and Venus into Scorpio.


The first sign to enjoy this lucky moment is precisely Scorpio who both personally and professionally will enjoy the influences of the transit of Venus in their sign. Scorpio is usually a dark sign will be able to better express his feelings and will express them to a person he has esteemed for a long time. During this time Scorpio will be particularly happy and positive and will tend to have fun like crazy.

The second lucky sign in the ranking is the bull

Even for the Taurus these days he will be extremely lucky, he will finally make all your dreams come true. The Taurus will have to heed his unerring intuition of him. Especially during this weekend he could have a very special meeting, on his path he could meet a person who will totally change his life,   will make him understand the importance of gaining self-confidence and this confidence will have very positive effects in the workplace.

The third sign of this ranking belongs to Gemini

Gemini will experience extraordinary fortune on a professional level these days. This sign will feel that he has all the means necessary to make a qualitative leap and demonstrate his full potential. The Gemini in this these days will be able to get everything he wants and will feel that his life is much more stable. He will feel a constant joy in him and he will feel particularly grateful and lucky for the things he has. The Gemini will be lucky even in love, he will be able to express his feelings in the best possible way. Maybe he will start a relationship that will lead him to want a long-term commitment. These days the Gemini will have to review all the priorities of him,   all this is necessary to bring Greater harmony and peace in their life.

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