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Will you be one of the five zodiac signs that always get angry? Let’s find out now with our horoscope ranking today!

Hey, you don’t have to justify yourself (or at least, not to us).
It happens to everyone to lose their temper, now and then, for truly incongruous reasons. Maybe you are having a bad day and the loops of your jeans slip on the doorknob or it starts raining as soon as you leave the hairdresser.

There is nothing to do: an unfortunate day or hour happens to everyone. There are people, however, who can not do in less than anger… forever!
Fortunately (for us) the horoscope has revealed to us which are the people who lose their temper all the time: don’t you think it is better to know who you are talking about?

The zodiac signs that are always angry: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Face flushed, fists closed and teeth that grind: no, we’re not talking about the transformation into the Hulk than Bruce Banner, but simply that person you know who you are … getting angry again!
Although it happens to everyone to lose their temper and rant, perhaps for a truly irrelevant reason, some people are very easy to anger.

The horoscope, fortunately, we can give a hand to recognize them!
For this reason, therefore, we asked for stars and planets to draw up a ranking of all the zodiac signs that are always angry.
Do not you think is best to check if you are there you are also in the ranking?

Let’s find out the first five positions immediately so that we are ready to react or know how to behave in front of them.
Here are the signs that they always get angry more than everyone else!

Cancer: fifth place

It does not seem so to most but those who know well those born under the sign of Cancer know well that it takes very little to get inflamed!
Cancer is one of the signs that get angry more easily around the zodiac and is not concerned just hide this his feature!

Those born under this sign are particularly angry people, capable of getting very angry outbursts.
They are not ashamed to scream, throw plates or glasses on the floor and, all in all, make a good scene. Cancer is a very sign angry: do not put it to the test!

Gemini: fourth place

In fourth place in our rankings of today’s horoscope, we are all born under the sign of Gemini. Needless to tell you: when Gemini lose their temper they become downright angry!
It doesn’t take long, then, to make a Gemini angry: they change their minds all the time and with her too… what are the things that make them angry!

The Twins are a particularly sign fickle and capable of great bursts of anger. They don’t mind taking everything personally and turning any situation into a deadly offense.
For Gemini, being angry is almost a way to show that they care about you: the more they get offended, the more they have an interest in remaining in your good graces!

Aquarius: third place

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are in third place in our ranking today. There is nothing to do: even if they are particularly kind and quiet people, used to be helpful to others and never asking for anything in return, Aquarius are also … very angry!

Of course, they don’t get angry over a trifle but simply because someone or something has decided to abuse their kindness.
When this happens, the Aquarium can become very angry: they fail to control themselves and end up losing their temper!
Better to avoid pulling the rope with Aquarius: you don’t know what you lose when you lose their confidence!

Taurus: second place

Like? The Taurus, the sign so peaceful and quiet, in second place on our list today?
Yes, the time has come to say it. Those born under the sign of Taurus are among people with more irritable and angry horoscopes. They have to start admitting it!

The Taurus has a very special ability: to take personally whatever happens! Does a person arrive in the wrong direction with the car? The Bull gets irritated. Does anyone decide not to go out because they are tired? The Taurus decides to get angry and sulky throughout the evening.
The reason? Nobody knows: least of all the Bull!

This is a sign that he particularly struggles to find peace and, above all, is always on the defensive with others.
Needless to say, there is no chance to calm them down: the Toro they need to let off their anger, let it flow in and out before you can understand what’s going on in their lives. In short: they are angry!

Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that are always angry

There is nothing to be done, dear friends of Leo. You too know very well that you are particularly fiery and … irascible people!
Those born under the sign of Leo conquer the first place in our ranking of the zodiac signs that always get angry.

But it is certainly not a coincidence! Leone is one of those signs that can get angry in a moment and for any reason.
His blood boils in his veins: have you ever tried to take a trip by car, even a short one, with a person born under the sign of Leo?

Their attitude is decidedly proud, their way of doing arrogant and they often find themselves victims of their anger.
They take everything very on staff and can immediately respond to any offense. Better not joke with the Leos: they are definitely … angry people!
(We don’t want to know what they will think of us after reading this piece).

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