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4 Zodiac Couples Who Should Stay Away From Each Other

Some couples just can’t form, due to a series of zodiac incompatibilities that we’re going to talk to you about today. But let’s go in order and try to better understand who we are talking about.

Love is something very complex, and difficult to grasp and deal with, but with the help of the stars, things can be much clearer than before. Here we are, the first couple on the list of the day.

Aries and Scorpio

It is always said that two leaders cannot coexist in the same team, and if it is true in a workplace, in a group of friends, it is also very true in a couple, in love, precisely. This is why it is easy to say why Aries and Scorpio just can’t coexist and be together. On the one hand, we have a sign that is very tough and determined and that believes a lot in its means, at any cost, on the other hand, we have a sign that is firm on its positions, always and in any case. These are two people who therefore cannot complete each other, so to speak, being very similar.

Gemini and Capricorn

This is a couple that does not tolerate violation of rules and good discipline. And this leads them, a bit like in the previous case, to be very difficult to catch, very intransigent. When they go through a dark period they tend not to push each other, they break up in no time.

Leo and Cancer

Leo hates Cancer, it’s very simple. He hates her cheekiness, and the mood with which she faces everyday life, and can’t help but constantly point out his point of view. That’s why things don’t work between them, they’re opposites.

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