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Find out if you are more good or bad according to your zodiac sign.

From an early age, we learn to divide the world around us into good and bad and right and wrong. A simplification that puts aside the many nuances that exist between the two halves in which everything is often divided and that becomes more difficult to understand when there are people involved. Because if a given action can be objectively right or wrong, whoever does it could be both good and bad and all simply based on circumstances and motivations. An aspect that should not be underestimated and which, like many other things, can largely depend on the stars and the influence they have on each of us. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the strongest signs of the zodiac and what makes the various signs unsafe, we will find out which category of people we belong to. The good or the bad? Notwithstanding that what defines us are our actions and not the inclinations we have, it is useful to remember that in this case, it is advisable to also read the profile of one’s ascendant. Enjoy the reading!

Are you good or bad? Your zodiac sign tells you.

Aries – Naughty
According to the stars, those born under your zodiac sign have a great ability to think about themselves and take care of their own business. This certainly doesn’t make you bad but it doesn’t allow you to enter the good category either. Let’s say that you are in the middle, in constant balance and with a certain slope towards the naughty part, the one that doesn’t think twice to get in the way if things are not as he imagined them and that in doing so does not pose too many problems regarding how others will feel. For some this is a sign of malice but there are also those who think it is simply a survival instinct.

Taurus – Bad but only if provoked
Basically you are a quiet person, good and too attached to friends and family. If someone dares to do you wrong, however, do not repress yourself and you are ready to take the field for a fight to the death. For you goodness and badness are just two words that define nothing. Every situation needs to be seen as a whole and that’s exactly what you do before you act, so that you do what is right or right for you and the people you love. This puts you in an ambivalent situation that thanks to your way of seeing things does not create big problems for you but you can manage peacefully.

Gemini – Ambivalent
Your duality is also evident when it comes to being good or bad. Your way of being leads others to look at you with suspicion, imagining who knows what hidden planes. In reality, in your simplicity, you aim to simply be yourself, showing how you are without creating problems. Basically, therefore, you are a good person who, however, does not like to be annoyed or teased. In this case, in fact, you are ready for anything and you know how to defend yourself, even at the cost of becoming bad.

Cancer – With a bitter nastiness
Everything can be said about you, including the fact that besides being kind you can be the sweetest person in the world. Your biggest flaw, however, is the touchiness that if well activated can make you particularly bad, especially with people who you think have done you wrong. Your way of being, therefore, is never stable or well defined but rather depends on your mood and how the people around you know or don’t know how to take you.

Leo – A villain to fear
If you know how to be the friendliest and best person in the world with your loved one, in life you know how to assert yourself and if necessary you are ready to pull out your claws. Once activated, your wickedness is rampant and capable of hurting anyone who suffers it. Fortunately, it is enough to show fidelity to avoid incurring your anger, fully enjoying your good side which, despite everything, never completely rests.

Virgo – Bad every other day
The truth? Basically you are neither good nor bad. Your way of being changes based on people and how you think about them. Everything is mixed with your mood that is often wavering, taking you from moments of absolute goodness to others in which no one would want to be near you. Your way of being bad, in fact, tends to hurt others intentionally, going to hit where it is needed and all with the sole purpose of appeasing the anger you feel whenever you think that someone has done you wrong.

Libra – Very good
Your goodness of soul is exemplary. For you, life must be taken with philosophy and lived by enhancing its beauty. Of course, among the many beautiful things there are peace, fraternity and goodness. Your way of life is therefore mostly based on these principles. Of course, if you get angry you have your moments too, but you tend to regret it soon and try to make up for it with an apology, a gift or even kinder ways than before. For the people you love, then, you would do anything because there is nothing you hate more than seeing them suffer.

Scorpio – The Vengeful
Villain Your wickedness lies in revenge. If someone tends to hurt you, it is open war for you and from that moment on you will live with the sole purpose of annihilating him. One thing that you do very well since just like in war, when you are in the game you do not look back and aim straight for victory. Fortunately, you also know how to love and when you do, you give your all. In life, in fact, you don’t know half measures. A detail that those around you should always remember. For your own safety.

Sagittarius – Tendentially good
You like the simple side of life. You hate conflicts and problems and likewise you don’t love bad people. You first, therefore, prefer to always keep a correct profile based on good deeds. Occasionally your goals may tend to falter but luckily you always know how to get back on the right path, trying to make peace with those you fear you have hurt and continuing your path towards a peaceful life to be shared only with the people you love.

Capricorn – The good feint On
the surface you seem like the best person in the world, always kind and available to others. In reality, however, you have a self-love that, when attacked, leads you to become bad and seek revenge. Virtually perfect with the people you love, you show a new side of yourself when someone hurts you. In that case you become one of the worst enemies you can have and you do it with a smile on your face, in order to surprise the other when he least expects it. Better never get angry, in short.

Aquarius – Good but not silly
This is your motto. In life, in fact, you prefer to be kind and helpful to everyone as long as they do the same too. In fact, in case of wrong behavior towards you, you end up immediately breaking all relationships or, worse, giving yourself indifference. One thing that you do very well and that drives anyone crazy who finds himself having to live this attitude. Your way to be naughty without doing anything particularly evil.

Pisces – Good and against all forms of evil
You are not just good, you hate everything that is bad and causes others to feel bad. This is partly due to your empathy, the rest is due to your pacifist disposition. As a romantic you like to think of the world as something positive where people can live together in peace and harmony. When that doesn’t happen you feel bad and can’t get over it. For this reason, if someone hurts you, you tend to distance yourself. You need some time to metabolize it and already knowing that the disappointment felt cannot be healed by anything, you prefer to move away in order not to create unnecessary conflicts that would only lead to worse.

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