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The Worst December 2023 Awaits These 3 Zodiac Signs

From a relaxed Advent season to a contemplative Christmas to the festive New Year’s Eve, December with its special days marks the crowning end of the year and is also one of the most popular months for many. However, a look at the horoscope reveals that the last few weeks of 2023 will unfortunately not be completely harmonious for everyone. The stars are unfavorable for some zodiac signs and can dampen the mood a bit. If December won’t go completely smoothly for you, read here.


1. LEO

When lions are in their element, they can no longer be stopped. But in the next few days and weeks, it wouldn’t hurt for the fire sign to sometimes slow down. Especially at work, hasty decisions and project acceptances can end up causing additional stress – and that’s exactly what no one needs right before the holidays and at the end of the year. Leos should rather divide their power and say no sometimes. They can then get started again in the new year.


Overall, the last few weeks of 2023 don’t look bad at all for Virgo. Venus brings fresh impetus to relationships and singles have the opportunity to meet new love. However, the general mood is somewhat dampened because there are a few obstacles at work that give the zodiac sign a headache. Small comments or hints upset the otherwise structured earth sign and leave a certain amount of uncertainty. It would be good for Virgo in December if they sometimes don’t listen so closely to stay on their path to success.


It’s in Gemini’s nature that he doesn’t want to miss anything because of his curiosity – and this will become more apparent again in December 2023. The air sign has numerous opportunities to do something, get to know new people, get actively involved in the job and so on … Before the zodiac sign knows it, it can quickly become too much and run out of steam by the end of the year. Saturn has a hand in it and demands a lot from Gemini. So that you are fit and full of energy again by the holidays at the latest, you should take a short break in between, even if you may be reluctant to do so.

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