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What Is The “Dark Side” Of The Zodiac Signs?

Each of us has a dark side that struggles to emerge, for a series of unclear reasons. But today, with the help of the stars, we will try to bring all this out in no time. Here’s the first one we’ll talk about today.


This is a sign that one is often in a bad mood and if the situation disturbs it it can go into a rage. Acts selfishly and impulsively. And he just can’t contain himself, he should calm down before it’s too late. If you know him, you know him very well.


The Taurus has a dark point: it can become miserly and materialistic in no time. Routine is something he is very attached to and things could quickly get boring with him, but that’s just the way he is, and you have to accept it, for better or for worse.


He is a person we never get to know fully, and this is somewhat of his Achilles heel. He should instead come a little more to the light, and emerge in the full, full personality of him.


Another sign hides a dark point that is a little difficult to decipher: it is closed and reveals a cold and calculating trait that sometimes manages to disturb quite a few people around it. If you know it, you know it.


And the lion? Well, the lion hides his capricious and domineering nature in a very dark way and has a very strong need to show off to others. He puts on great airs, and instead, he should just understand that there are things that should be addressed head-on.


His weak point is the desire for perfection and to perfect himself. Which puts him to the test. He is obsessed with order and especially at home it is difficult to manage this side of him. If you know him, you know him well.


Its weak point falls within the category of seduction and romance which in some cases becomes more than corny, from every point of view. But when he is in love he just can’t pretend.


It is too complex and for this reason, it ends up leading to jealousy and a degree of possession that hurts those who are at their side a lot. His darkest trait is certainly the manipulation he tends to implement toward his partner.


Always wants to be right. And it is certainly not easy to have a confrontation with him. Who knows if one day he will be able to understand this trait of himself, he, who loves happiness and freedom, beyond everything. At least on paper.


Pessimism and negativity are its dark points. He takes it out on nothing, even a simple delay for an appointment, sometimes not even a very important one.


Avoids compromise and always wants to be right. It’s difficult to get him out of his world, and he can become arrogant, and unable to control his impulses, well, he should understand that there are things that could be dominated in no time.


Pisces has a single weak point: its strong sensitivity. And this means that it manages to lead to profound contradictions which certainly aren’t good for him.

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