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Today the stars reveal to us which are the zodiac signs that by their nature are more animal lovers.

Today’s ranking signs hardly have a pet to take full care of. These signs especially appreciate the company of their furry friends. To their four-legged friends, they attribute qualities that sometimes even human beings do not possess, such as great sensitivity and quality companionship.

These signs love animals love their company and love to play with them. They create a very special, almost symbiotic bond with their furry friends. Are you part of today’s ranking too?

 Here are the zodiac signs most related to animals

If your child keeps asking you to get a dog maybe it’s not just a whim, it could be part of the zodiac signs that have special feelings towards animals, and their life without a pet seems empty. Towards pets, they develop a special empathy. Each of them has different preferences, for dogs, cats, or other specimens, but what unites them remains a great fascination for the whole animal world, from farm animals to those of the wild world.

Here is who the zodiac signs call animals the most:


Natives of Pisces when adopting an animal treat it as a family member. This sign is responsible and attentive to their health and does the same with their pet. It will heal and feed it in a balanced way. Pisces will never miss a visit to the vet, never forget to take his friend for a walk, or give him his daily dose of pampering. When his four-legged friend passes away he will feel enormous pain from which he will recover with difficulty.


The natives of Leo also have a great love for animals. Usually, this sign is activated in helping animals in difficulty, is committed to finding a home for abandoned foundlings, and fights for the protection of wildlife. These people feel a lot of suffering in the face of poaching or animal abuse, they are very protective of these categories who are weaker and cannot defend themselves. Leo develops a special bond with his pets and what unites them most of all and what he appreciates most of all is the great loyalty these beings have towards the human being.


The Libra native tends to pour out the same love on his pets that he would give to his own children. You will often hear them say that animals are even better than human beings, for their animals, they spare no expense and always want the best. A native of Libra never leaves an animal in distress but works to save it and find accommodation for it.

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