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The Ranking Of The Most Evil Zodiac Signs In The Horoscope

According to astrologers, some people are more prone than others to be worse, depending on their signs.

Based on their information, we can see the order of the most evil zodiac signs in the horoscope. On a scale from 1 to 12, we will see which is the least evil, up to the most damned zodiac sign. It does not apply to all people of a certain zodiac sign and the purpose of this ranking is one of entertainment, because these traits differ from person to person, and the wickedness of a person depends on several factors, not only on his zodiac sign.

However, let’s see which are the most evil zodiac signs, according to astrologers.

12. Taurus

They can be very possessive and unable to adapt to changes. However, the natives of this sign are not very malicious, especially because they are comfortable people and do not use up their energy to upset someone else. In addition, even if it is very stubborn, Taurus is the most reliable sign in the zodiac.

11. Capricorn

It is a sign that likes to be in the position of judge. Capricorns are mean because they love to tell you how terrible you are. Also, those born under this sign tend to be reserved in showing their emotions. However, they also have great quality: they are hardworking and complete any project they are involved in.

10. Cancer

Don’t expect things to go well when Cancer is around, because it’s only happy when it’s crying. However, it is not a sign capable of harming intentionally, it can only hurt your feelings through its lamentations. Despite this, these natives are always with their loved ones, even when the others leave.

9. Pisces

They can be too sensitive and avoid facing reality. It can be difficult for them to set clear boundaries and they can be easily manipulated. They are mean because they want all the attention and will do anything to get it. However, they also have a quality: these natives have extraordinary creativity.

8. Libra

The natives of this sign would do anything to pretend to be what they are not and to be seen well. They avoid confrontations and can be indecisive in making decisions. They tend to put the needs of others before their own, which can lead to resentment. The good part is that they are orderly.

7. Aquarius

Independent and detached, Aquarians can be perceived as distant and unconcerned with the feelings of others. Aquarians know how to leave a person to their fate. It is best to avoid them, even in emergencies. However, their quality is originality and the fact that they can find inventive solutions to any problem.

6. Sagittarius

They can be very direct and tactless in communication, which can hurt others. They like freedom and can avoid getting too involved in relationships. Many of these natives are only interested in themselves, selfish and egocentric. However, they are very entertaining and always ready for a new adventure.

5. Leo

Narcissistic and egocentric, Leos can be too focused on their person and their glory. They like to be the center of attention and can be authoritarian in relationships. As friends, they can be extremely mean and critical, under the pretext of teaching you a lesson. Their intentions are good, however, being generous people.

4. Aries

Impulsive and dominant, they can be used to impose their point of view without taking others into account. They like to be the center of attention and can be aggressive when something doesn’t suit them. Their fault lies in the fact that they are very talented when it comes to being bad. But Aries is also your most reliable ally. Only when you are against him will you feel his evil side?

3. Gemini

It is difficult for them to focus on a single task because they are always looking for new challenges. This can make them unstable and indecisive, and sometimes they can be perceived as superficial.
Try to convince one of those born under this sign to commit to something. The good thing? They are very adaptable. They can face any situation that life throws their way.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios can be the worst, and when they are, they enjoy it. Your pain is their pleasure, and the more you suffer, the better. Jealousy and possessiveness are common traits of Scorpios. They like to control situations and can become very vindictive. They also have a quality: determination.

1. Virgo

Whether it’s about hurting another person or putting a dagger in someone’s heart, a Virgo native will not back down. Give them a chance to criticize someone else and they will be the first to do it. Unfortunately, they play with people’s minds. Perfectionists and critics can often be preoccupied with minor details and can be very self-critical and critical of others. However, they also have a great quality: they are extremely good listeners.

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