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The One Physical Trait He Can’t Resist, According To His Zodiac Sign

The stars say he can’t resist this.

Our bodies are beautiful, no matter what shape or size they are.

We may fixate on our flaws, but in truth, the human body is gorgeous no matter what.


Too often we are overly concerned with how we fall short, especially in regards to what is considered beautiful by today’s society. But that’s a waste of energy and can damage our self-esteem.

Every time has their own standard of beauty, and therefore it changes regularly.

Where once fleshy bodies were considered the inspiration of artists and were envied by all who looked upon them, they are now considered overweight and decidedly unfashionable.

But we have to learn to accept our bodies and see the beauty in them, no matter what society or fashion dictates. If we focus too much on our so-called flaws and not our inherent beauty, we lose out.

You are at your most beautiful right now, in this moment. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll only get better. To those who love us, our beauty is everlasting.

Sometimes we get lost in blaming our bodies, as if it’s their fault that we feel our arms are too skinny or our breasts are too big.

These are the times when we need to look at ourselves through our partner’s eyes.

While men may have favorite physical traits in women, they’re often just thrilled to see their woman without any clothes on. When a na_-d woman is standing in front of a man who loves them, the man doesn’t see every little flaw; he only sees a naked and confident woman.

As men are visual creatures, they may have certain physical traits in a woman that they find especially hot, but that doesn’t mean they have any less appreciation for your body.

In the end, the thing that your man may find the hottest about you may not even have anything to do with your body; rather, it may be something that isn’t seen by the naked eye.

It could be your big brain or enormous and loving heart that he finds the s_-iest of all.

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