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Find out which signs of the zodiac are decidedly difficult to interpret and which, on the other hand, are an open book for everyone.

Dealing with others is often difficult. Each of us has our way of living and communicating what goes through our head and most of the time, even speaking the same language it is easy to face misunderstandings due to character or cultural differences. Added to this is the fact that not all of us express ourselves in the same way and if on the one hand there are people who are so open that it is easy to understand what they think with just a look, on the other hand, there are more buttoned-up than really difficult and, in some cases impossible, fully understand.

The so-called poker faces, or people who are difficult to interpret, do not always show themselves like this for a voluntary choice. Many times it is the character, the experiences lived, and, of course, also the influence that the stars have on them. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac that are crazy and which are the ones that challenge each other every day, we will find out which are the most difficult to interpret and which are open books. Since this is an aspect related to the way of being, the advice is to check the profile of the ascendant.

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Horoscope: the most difficult zodiac signs to interpret and those that understand with a single glance

Aries – Those who are difficult to interpret when they are committed
Those born under the sign of Aries are usually simple people and who, consequently, are quite simple to understand. Smokers by nature, when they take it for something they give it to see with real scenes and when something is to their liking they show it with wide smiles. Because of this, dealing with them can be pretty straightforward except in one case. When they decide to give a hard time to those in front of them, they can become quite unpredictable, trying to show themselves in a very different way than they are. Fortunately, however, it is a modality that they put into action very rarely and mostly when they flirt and try at all costs to appear mysterious.

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Taurus – Those Quite Simple To Interpret
The natives of Taurus are not difficult to understand, especially since for the sake of truth they love to say what they feel the moment they experience emotion. Whether they are happy or angry it is therefore very easy to understand them as it is to understand what they think when they get lost in their world. Their aspiration to a simple life does the rest, making them almost an open book and easy to read. Nonetheless, they too can keep a secret, and if they want they can be vague enough to leave some doubts about who they are in front of.

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Gemini – Those who are hard enough to interpret
It is not that those born under the sign of Gemini are difficult to interpret. The real problem is that they tend to change ways so easily that keeping up with them can be very difficult. As a rule, when they are dissatisfied with something they show it visibly, as well as easily give to see if they are in a good mood or excited about something new. The real problem with them is that they often also have transitory and difficult-to-understand modalities because they are the first to be unsure of what they are feeling. In those cases, the only right choice is to wait patiently for them to decide how they feel, in order not to commit gaffes and to be able to understand what they want to communicate.

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Cancer – Those often difficult to interpret
Understanding all those born under the sign of Cancer can be difficult in several respects and this is because while they are rather easy to read, most of the time they tend to mask what they feel even to themselves, thus generating a certain confusion in those around him. For the same reason it is easy to see them angry apparently for no reason or not to grasp some of their moods which, even if hidden, are so strong as to emerge to the point of even bringing them to clashes. When dealing with them it is always good to try to read between the lines and to catch every slightest change in their mood. Only in this way, in fact, can we hope to understand them and avoid unnecessary friction.

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Leo – Those very easy to interpret
Those born under the sign of Leo are the so-called open books. Just knowing them is enough to understand what they think or feel in every single moment. Sure of themselves, they are not in fact among those who try to appear and this means that they are always ready to say everything they think and think is right. Likewise, even when they are more reserved, it is enough to observe them understand what they are thinking. Therefore, among the signs of the zodiac, they are perhaps the simplest to understand and have fewer problems in expressing emotions and thoughts of any kind. After all, being the center of attention is something you like so much that you don’t fear criticism, as long as you talk about them.

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Virgo – Those who are not always easy to interpret
Virgo natives have a complex personality that leads them to always judge everything and everyone and which in some ways makes them unwilling to express their feelings. When they do this it is usually to express criticism or judgment that they believe is impossible to contradict. For the rest, they prefer to stand as silent observers, able to steal every smallest lack and then report it when they believe it is appropriate to do so. Until then, interpreting their thoughts can be extremely difficult, especially if you do not have a close relationship with them which, among all, are one of the signs that are least open to people who do not believe to be part of their circle.

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Libra – Those who let themselves be interpreted only when they want
Those born under the sign of Libra are mostly friendly people and lovers of sharing special moments and thoughts. Nonetheless, they prefer to be good listeners rather than speakers and this is because they often need to take their time to understand the situations and people involved and to get an idea. When they are in this phase, hoping to interpret them is difficult and, unless they decide to share their thoughts, they only risk groping for a long time in the dark. Their unspeakable calm makes them very difficult to decipher. The reason why the only possibility is to be patient and wait.

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Scorpio – Those Impossible to Interpret
Needless to say, the natives of Scorpio are the most indecipherable of the zodiac. Their skill at concealing what they feel makes them perfect poker faces and people capable of disorienting anyone who tries to capture their emotions or intentions. Reserved like few others, they have made silence almost an art and as good observers, they prefer to study those around them before exposing themselves and having their say. It is not something that they necessarily do of their own will but a way of being that makes them, absolutely, people with a mysterious charm and very high interpretative skills. At least how high are the chances of never finding out what they think about?

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Sagittarius – Those who sometimes escape interpretation
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are people who love to be among people and who tend to have a very active social life. For this reason and thanks to their being too direct people, they are almost always easy to interpret both in terms of what they think and what they think they do. Every so often, however, they may close to the point of becoming impenetrable and that their thoughts, completely clear until the day before, are suddenly incomprehensible. Like doors capable of opening or closing, those born under this zodiac sign can decide to give or have, in some cases even leading to feelings of confusion which, in the long run, can create discomfort.

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Capricorn – Those with average interpretations
The natives of Capricorn always take some time to get comfortable with others and when this happens it can be said that they are quite easy to understand. Until then, however, their thoughts are often difficult to interpret and all due to a form of closure which, once implemented, allows them not to let a glimpse of what they think. Unfortunately, they are not very good at handling this side of themselves, and most of the time when they do, they end up appearing distant and cold, thus giving the impression of being on the defensive or having it angry with the people around them. A problem that can often give rise to various misunderstandings.

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Aquarius – Those who allow themselves to be interpreted only by those who want to.
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are often shy people and turned above all towards themselves. This makes them capable of being both difficult to interpret and simple to understand. It all depends on how they choose to deal with others and how much of themselves they decide to communicate. Their way of doing is therefore connected with the type of relationship they have with others. Having said that, being very reluctant to communicate incessantly with others, they will never turn out to be open books but at most simple reference manuals if you have the key. Which depends entirely on them and on what they think of the people who, from time to time, are around them.

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Pisces – Those Who Are Quite Interpretable
The natives of Pisces are people so sincere that they can’t hide everything that comes into their minds. When they have a thought, they tend to talk to anyone about it and if they don’t, it’s still easy to read them and understand what’s on their mind. This depends on the genuineness that distinguishes them and that thorns them to trust everyone. Only if betrayed do they tend to close themselves off and no longer share anything, showing a part of their way of being much harsher than you think at first glance and which gives them a certain character.

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