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Sooner or later the ranking of the most narcissistic signs of the zodiac had to arrive: ready to find out if you or your partner are among the top positions?

Nobody wants to discover that he is a narcissus, even if the doubt of being very self-centered and focused on himself, perhaps, has sometimes come to him.
We know that dealing with a narcissist is not only difficult: it is a real nightmare, which can often last for years!

We have therefore decided to ask the stars and planets to give us a hand and to show us which are the signs of the zodiac which, more than all, could be real daffodils.
Ready to find out if you are in the rankings or if, unfortunately, there is that person you have been dating for a while and who does nothing but give you mixed signals?

The most narcissistic signs of the zodiac: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope

Like? Don’t you know who Narcissus was?
Oh but simply a hunter from Greek mythology, so handsome that he refuses any kind of proposal and pretender.
A divine punishment, therefore, condemned him to fall in love with his image, which he saw reflected every day in a pond.

Narcissus, in love with himself, ends up falling into the lake and drowning: in short, it seems like a good warning, doesn’t it?
Now, of course, narcissists do not end up falling into the waters of a pond (after all, can be mirrored at home, in their bathroom) but are just as dangerous for him themselves and others.

Lovers of self themselves, unable to empathize with others or to feel empathy towards them, the narcissists in pairs are often a true and proper nightmare.
Better to find out immediately which are the signs of the zodiac that risk … er, to be real Narcissus, don’t you think?

Virgo: fifth place

Dear friends of the Virgin, you knew well there was a risk of finding yourself in today’s ranking. You are certainly amazed to find yourself only in fifth place, aren’t you?
Indeed, those born under the sign of Virgo are truly narcissistic: in love with themselves, they often do not believe there are people to their height.

On the one hand, those born under the sign of Virgo are at least narcissists honest: do not deceive anyone and say clear and round when you lose interest (that is, almost always after a while).
They are very difficult people: be very careful with the Virgin!

Aries: fourth place

That Aries are real daffodils often leaves others puzzled: but how are they not extremely insecure people?
The answer is, of course, absolutely not: the Aries pretend to be insecure to make full of compliments and often are truly borderline narcissistic!

The Aries are giving first place always their needs and do nothing but give in to temptation when someone considers them.
They remain bewitched by others if others are bewitched by them: a real vicious circle that often leads to shedding many tears!

Gemini: third place

Obviously, in our horoscope ranking today, those born under the sign of Gemini could not be missing.
Dear Gemini, do we need to explain to you why you are on the podium of the most narcissistic signs of the zodiac?

The twins are people who think, more often, just to themselves. Like real Narcissus, they easily fall in love with their image and disdain everyone else.
If you have a relationship with a Gemini there is little to do: nobody is worth their time but they will do everything to win you over in the beginning. Their coolness, then, will be what it takes to keep you together afterward!

Libra: second place

Is there anyone more self-centered than those born under the sign of Libra? (Okay, okay, we will say yes: after all, I’m only in second place in the ranking!).
The balance is a sign that can be narcissistic, but in addition, will not admit.

Those born under this sign are very good at mystifying: they always tell every situation by tipping the scales on their side, they never take blame or responsibility.
It is you who are disappointing Libra and not the other way around: they are never wrong!

Those born under the sign of Libra are very dangerous in love: as long as they feel better than you, they treat you with disdain but as soon as you become better at something, they suddenly lose all joy and close in on themselves. Daffodils by hand!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most narcissistic signs of the zodiac

Yes, dear Leos, it is you who occupy first place in today’s ranking.
Yes, you do not need further confirmation: you are the most narcissistic sign of the zodiac!
Those born under the sign of Leo are almost always people who tend to be extremely focused on themselves.

For them there are no other people’s priorities and the partner, most of the time, represents a real social status.
In the beginning, Leo practically goes out of his way to win you over: he indoctrinates you on everything he likes or considers cool to know, introduces you to all his friends, and flaunts you everywhere.

After a while, however, Leo begins to treat you coldly, letting you know that it is you who have to do the hard work in the relationship. He has no intention of committing: if your relationship goes wrong, Leo makes you understand that you are the problem. Never him! In short, they are real and their narcissists: be careful!

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