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How Will He Reject You If He’s Not Interested Based On His Zodiac Sign 2022

Being rejected by a man is never easy to overcome.

That said, unfortunately these things do happen and whether we like it or not, we always have to be prepared for the fact that one day we may get rejected by a man we like more than anything.

But, how exactly will he go about doing it? Will he be crystal clear that he doesn’t want to be with you, or will he try to spare your feelings?

Well, it all sort of depends on his astrological zodiac sign.


When an Aries doesn’t want anything to do with someone anymore, they just start to frown.

You can assume that he is distant and ignores you because he is tough or wants you to chase him down a bit, when in fact, this silence treatment is nothing. other than his way of making you understand that he is trying to push you away.


Taurus probably won’t reject you right away. On the contrary, he will take his time to get to know you and to know if he likes you or not.

Of course, while he is still making up his mind about his feelings for you, you will be tricked and tricked into loving him even more.


The worst part about dating a Gemini is never knowing where you are with him. He is a man who on the one hand can love you as a person, but on the other hand may not be romantically interested in you.

Thus, if a Gemini intends to reject you, he will probably do so by using the famous line: “I prefer that we remain friends”.


With the Cancer man, it’s more of the “all or nothing” type. This means that either he loves you with all his heart or he doesn’t care about you.

Nonetheless, Cancer men are generally very sensitive people, and that is why he will certainly have a hard time rejecting you loud and clear in a straightforward manner.

Instead, he will do everything in his power to protect your ego and your feelings while telling you that he just doesn’t love you that way.


Unlike Cancer, Leo will have no problem telling you things as they are and what they really think.

His slightly crude way of rejecting you might seem harsh at first, but later on you are probably going to be grateful to him for letting you know right away where you are with him, rather than leading you off the boat. (as some do).


Just as a Virgo man in love needs time to understand that he really wants you, so does it when it comes to realizing that you are not the one for him.

While this may seem like a waste of time to you, at least the good news is that the Virgo man will be honest with you about his feelings (once he, too, finds out what it really is).


If you’re wondering how a Libra man will make you reject you, well, get ready, because the answer is, he won’t even do it.

Instead, it will simply disappear from your life, never giving you an explanation and leaving you wondering what really happened and where things went wrong.


Scorpio men are known to be extremely communicative and talkative, which is especially an advantage when it comes to romantic relationships.

That means, this guy will explain to you in detail why he doesn’t want to be with you. Instead of taking everything he has to say to you as an insult, learn from it and appreciate his honesty.


Sagittarius is similar to Scorpio when it comes to rejecting those they don’t have romantic feelings for.

With a Sagittarius man, you will never need to guess his intentions and he will never send you mixed signals to get in your head that you have to interpret. He will tell you cash and sincerely what he thinks of you, whether you like it or not.


When a Capricorn doesn’t want to be with you, they’ll subject you to radio silence and you won’t have any way to approach them. Capricorn won’t hang out with you, they won’t have any desire to be your friend, and they’ll cut you out of their life for good.

Don’t blame him for that kind of behavior, it’s not that he hates you or anything like that, but, he just wants things to be as crisp and clear as possible.


If an Aquarius feels like pushing you away, they’ll pretend not to realize they like you. He will ignore the fact that you are dating or flirting with him, to the point that you will feel embarrassed to continue trying to seduce him.

The Aquarius man behaves this way, because he wants to avoid hurting your feelings and, because he wants to spare you from being uncomfortable when he tells you that he is not interested.


Just as Pisces can’t seem to hide their interest in someone, so too when it comes to hiding the fact that they are not interested in someone.

Basically, when a Pisces doesn’t want you to come back to them, they won’t have to worry about telling you directly.

At least you will have no doubts that you should move on with your life and move on, because he will make it clear to you that you don’t stand a chance with him.

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