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Horoscope: Top 3 Male Signs You Must Avoid

Men signs that can break your heart

Each zodiac sign has its qualities or flaws. Certainly, no zodiac sign is eminently bad or good, but certain zodiac signs have certain character traits due to which a love relationship can very easily turn into a battlefield. Surprisingly, these traits can manifest only in women or only in men. Therefore, today we are going to review those 3 male zodiac signs that can break your heart.

Horoscope: Aries man

At first glance, the Aries man seems like the ideal partner. He is passionate, and protective, and can even be romantic at the right time. At the same time, the biggest problem of this native is that he gets bored very quickly and hence he acquires certain harmful habits. Being always in search of novelty, he is not the most faithful man in the world. He never has bad intentions, but he can hurt his partner very easily precisely because he does not value monogamous relationships. No matter how hard you try to keep up with him, it seems almost impossible. The other problematic flaw of this native is selfishness. In pursuit of momentary pleasures or comfort, he can leave behind deep wounds and does not think much about how his decisions may affect those around him.

Horoscope: Cancer man

The greatest quality of the Cancer man is fidelity. They generally prefer to break up rather than hurt. In social contexts, he does not feel very comfortable, but in the comfort of the house, he can be romantic and even bold, eager to please his partner. This native’s problem is boundless jealousy. If he could, he would lock his partner in a crystal ball and never let anyone near her. Also, when he loves, he loves deeply, but he will cling to his partner in a very unhealthy way. The Cancer man must learn that no one else is responsible for his happiness and will place this burden on the shoulders of the person sitting next to him. He is emotionally dependent on the one he loves and can become very possessive.

Horoscope: Virgo man

Just like the other natives, the Virgo man has a long list of qualities. He is emotionally balanced, highly organized, and very concrete about his future. In his life, things are black or white, without many shades of gray. He is what one would popularly call a man of one piece. The great flaw of the Virgo man is that he will almost constantly criticize absolutely everything, without restraint. His words are like the Chinese drop. You can choose the most beautiful woman in the world, and the Virgo man will still find a physical flaw in her. Moreover, he does not practice what he preaches. He is an extraordinary theoretician, but the practice leaves much to be desired. At the same time, he does not tolerate any kind of counterargument or criticism.

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