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The Toxic Trait Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Work On This March


You get overly defensive whenever anyone calls you out on your shit. You need to learn to start taking responsibility for your actions.


You are nosy and snoop on partners to make sure they aren’t going to break your heart. You need to learn how to trust others and take them at their word.


You are fickle and constantly break promises. You need to learn how to follow through on what you say or don’t say anything at all.


You guilt trip everyone and make them feel bad for you. You need to learn how to accept no as an answer without throwing yourself a pity party.


You kick and scream whenever you don’t get your way. You need to learn how to compromise with others instead of insisting you know better than them.


You shut down and withdraw when someone hurts you. You need to learn how to communicate better instead of cutting others out the first chance you get.


You judge others based on their clothing, material items, and social media presence. You need to wait until you get to know someone before you form an opinion on them.


You are a gossip. You need to learn how to keep quiet about things you don’t understand.


You feel like you’re better than everyone. You need to learn how to appreciate differences instead of judging them.


You only care about yourself because everyone else sucks. You need to learn to trust people instead of expecting the worst from them.


You take more than you give. You need to learn how to be there for your loved ones in the way they’re always there for you.


You always consider yourself the victim. You need to learn how to admit when you’re wrong when you’ve made a mistake.

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