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Some zodiac signs just don’t tolerate betrayal. Find out what they are.

When you live a love story, one of the things you fear most is betrayal. The fear of being betrayed is one of the least pleasant aspects of a love story because it leads to living every moment with anxiety and sometimes it stages unpleasant situations such as jealousy scenes and continuous quarrels. The subsequent loss of trust and what follows, then, can damage a couple even forever and if those who have suffered such a setback are not able to leave it behind, the end of the story is almost certain. But what does the choice to forgive a betrayal depend on? It is a delicate situation because the aspects that concern it is many and range from the type of relationship, from previous experiences, and, above all, from the vision that one has of betrayal. Some people are less in need of loyalty on the part of the partner, others who are aware that they can make mistakes in their turn tend to forgive, and others who, on the other hand, just can’t even bear the idea that someone can betray them and when this happens they can only end the relationship. Of course, as often happens, the stars can influence the various signs in one direction or another. Today, therefore, after seeing which are the zodiac signs that never give up and which are the zodiac signs that never learn from their mistakes, we will find out which are the zodiac signs that cannot forgive betrayal. As always, since it is something that has to do with the way of feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer picture of the situation.

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Horoscope: the signs that do not forgive betrayal and those that instead let it go

Aries – Those who can forgive after a while
Those born under the sign of Aries are essentially smoky people and this leads them to always react negatively when it comes to betrayal. That said, they are also aware of the fact that an escapade could also happen to them and this, once the anger subsides, can push them to see it differently, slowly leading them to accept what has happened. Of course, this does not mean that they can forgive completely but, after taking revenge and letting some water flow under the bridge, they can think of “forgetting” what happened, especially if the story they live in is theirs. notice the right one.

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Taurus – Those who never forgive
Taurus natives are very attached to certain values ​​and trust is one they firmly believe in. If in front of a youthful relationship or considered to be passing through, they can turn a blind eye or let themselves go to some distraction, when they find the right person they demand absolute loyalty and, jealous as ever, they also feel authorized to always be on their guard to check that this is us. be. Otherwise, they don’t use half measures a lot and in the face of a betrayal, the only thing they can do is turn their backs and walk away. Bitterness and disappointment as they feel in these situations they cannot even remotely imagine forgiving and starting from where they left off because they would no longer be able to see the loved one with the same eyes.

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Gemini – Those who sometimes forgive and sometimes not
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a dual personality that often leads them to take different attitudes in front of various situations. When they find themselves undergoing a betrayal, therefore, their reaction is not at all obvious. Depending on the moment they can decide to take it for a while only to forgive and start again from where they stopped. In others, however, they can give life to a scene that makes it unforgettable, severing the relationship and putting an end to any type of relationship. The only constant is the melodramatic way in which they will make every move, remaining forever etched in those who will have the misfortune to collide with their anger.

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Cancer – Those who cannot forgive
It’s not that the natives of Cancer don’t want to forgive the betrayal, the problem is that they just can’t. No matter how hard they try, anger for how quickly will always be the master, and in the end, they will still come to end a story that would only evoke unpleasant memories in them. For them, feelings are something extremely important and as such, they must be respected, so knowing that they have not had such attention from precisely those who should love them, hurts them to the point of pushing them to move away. This awareness can sometimes push them to react to real scenes, others can make them cry, and still, others can make them decide not to say anything and close everything without warning, too disappointed even to justify their choice.

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Leo – Those who rarely forgive Those
born under the sign of Leo do not look favorably on betrayal and are the first to try to avoid it. Nevertheless, they are aware that human nature can sometimes play tricks and that in some cases, either for a quarrel or for a critical moment, anyone (or almost) could be wrong. For this reason, they do not feel like decisively closing the door to forgiveness. At the same time, it is very unlikely that they will be able to forgive. So, yes, on the one hand, they profess to be broad-minded but when the betrayal touches them, the most instinctive reaction is to get angry and end the relationship, not before having expressed their thoughts on the matter, of course.

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Virgo – Those who emotionally cannot forgive
It is difficult to predict how a love story can evolve where the protagonists who suffer betrayal are the natives of the Virgin. When they love, in fact, the idea of ​​being teased or betrayed constantly haunts them so much that they freak out when it materializes in reality. Although they hate the very concept of betrayal, they rationally fail to condemn it entirely. When it comes to putting emotions into play, however, the reaction is anything but positive, and at the center of a mess of negative feelings, they can only act similarly, taking it to death, inveighing against those who have hurt them, and thinking about the possibility of ending the story. The choice depends on many of those details that being able to predict is difficult, even for them.

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Libra – Those who perhaps forgive
Those born under the sign of Libra do not like to think about betrayal but when they are forced to deal with it, they become more reflective than usual, pondering on many different aspects to capture their emotions about it and what rationally it would be better to do. When they conclude there is a possibility that it involves forgiveness. For their part, however, there will never be total forgiveness but one made of resentments that over time will return to emerge, putting history in crisis. An aspect of which they are aware and which for this reason they prefer to consider under multiple aspects.

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Scorpio – Those Who Never Forgive
Scorpio natives hate anything that has to do with lies and betrayals. When they discover one, therefore, they feel betrayed twice, the first for the act itself and the second for the fact that it was kept hidden from them. This prompts them to take it very badly and to swear revenge. Even before doing so, however, they will take care to close the story, obviously by saying everything they hear to the person once loved and who, once the betrayal has taken place, represents for them an enemy to be kept away or, at most, to be hurt in equal measure. Because you know, the natives of the sign do not feel satisfied until they have obtained revenge.

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Sagittarius – Those who forgive if they feel like it
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius never have a fixed opinion on betrayal. If on the one hand, they consider it part of the human being, on the other they do not like having to deal with it, especially if it is a question of having to suffer it. For this reason, they are often jealous and cautious, and ready to go on a rampage should they find one. It must be said, however, that when it happens to them they are not absolute but tend to ask themselves questions and evaluate it calmly, obviously after having made their outburst. The choice to stay or go away will therefore depend on the type of relationship, how much they feel connected to the other person, and, let’s face it, on the conduct carried out during the relationship. Those of them who have had as many failings will be more inclined to forgiveness than those who have resisted every temptation.

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Capricorn – Those who, if they wish, can come to forgive
The natives of Capricorn always try to be understanding and to deal with any problem with due calm. Even in the face of betrayal, therefore, they will try to analyze the dynamics calmly, focusing on the motivations and their role, albeit indirectly. Aware that they are often distant or taken from their own life, they can decide to forgive if they realize that it was a weakness and that on the other hand there is no intention of repeating everything. Otherwise, however, they are not willing to tolerate other accidents along the way, and, albeit reluctantly, they could decide to end the story or take a break during which to reflect with a calm mind on what to do.

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Aquarius – Those who could forgive
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not exactly among the most loving signs of the zodiac. Thus, even when faced with a betrayal, they often find themselves uncertain as to how to act. While on the one hand, they could very well forgive, thanks also to their ability to rationalize everything, on the other hand, they could choose not to do so simply to find someone more suitable for them. As often happens in these cases, therefore, the final decision will depend on many factors that they will have to put on the scale to understand what is best for them. What is certain is that theirs will be a rational choice that they will make thinking first of all of their well-being. Faced with the awareness of not being able to be happier with their partner they will not waste any time, putting an end to the story to devote themselves to something else.

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Pisces – Those who hardly forgive
The natives of Pisces are perhaps among those who believe in love the most. For them, betrayal is a real offense to their feelings and to the person they love. Just as they do not like to hurt, they cannot bear to be hurt and this leads them to accept with extreme difficulty such as a lack on the part of the partner. If they find themselves in this situation, then, they will evaluate several aspects and the most important will probably be how they found out. Faced with a painful confession of the partner there are more possibilities to accept and forgive the thing. Otherwise, the risk is to permanently lose trust, an element that is indispensable for them and without which they will never be able to carry on a story, even if they are more than involved.

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