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Whether they like to admit it or not, everyone has an idea of what their dream relationship looks like. It’s the ideal scenario of what a perfect love life would imitate. However, as much as people might find themselves lusting over this dream romance, it’s often totally unrealistic.

That’s because there is a major difference between what people want, and what they actually need. While they might want a movie-like romance that fills their stomachs with butterflies, it’s probably not what’s actually best for them. They often find themselves dreaming of a superficial romance where they’re the center of attention when that’s just not realistic.

Instead, a person needs a genuine lover willing to offer their whole hearts to their partner, as long as that person meets them halfway. Everyone needs something a little more realistic than the picture that they paint in their heads. Each Astro sign constantly desires that one thing when it comes to a relationship, even though they’re so off on what they actually need.

That’s why it was only right to create this list to show what each astro sign wants in a relationship, versus what they actually need. This is the exact advice that people need to change their love lives around completely.

Stop pining over those wants, and start finding what the things a lonely lover actually needs!

24 Pisces Wants: Excitement

A Pisces is all about finding themselves in an exciting relationship. You’re so used to living a thrill-seeking life, that it’s only right for your lover to offer you this exact same excitement.

If you’re not constantly living on the edge and expanding past your comfort zone, you’re just not happy.

You know how short life is and aren’t willing to settle for someone who doesn’t light a fire in your soul. We can’t even blame you, as it seems like your happiness is based on this excitement. However you’re so used to constantly being in love, that you often forget what real love is.

23 Pisces Needs: Something Real

Rather than constantly searching for someone who can fill your heart with endless excitement, it’s time to start looking at your love life in a different light. What you truly desire is to find real love, where you’re happier than ever.

True love isn’t constantly feeling excited, but rather having your heart filled with love for someone special. That’s why we recommend that rather than trying to find someone who excites you initially, try getting to know them. We guarantee that you’re sure to find this exact feeling when you finally find someone you truly love. Don’t settle for someone willing to fill your heart with a little bit of fire, rather than offering genuine love.

22 Leo Wants: A Movie-Like Production

Leo’s are so not willing to settle for anything less than they deserve. They have a grand vision of what they want their life to be and aren’t scared to put in the hard work to make it happen. That’s why a Leo expects their love lives to be the exact same.

You’re not scared to get that movie-like romance you’ve always dreamed about.

You’re constantly trying to find yourself in the exact same situation where you can experience a life-changing romance. A Leo isn’t scared to ditch a lover if they aren’t putting in the work. Rather, a Leo is all about finding someone willing to fulfill all their dreams.

21 Leo Needs: Genuine Love

Rather than looking for a movie-like production, it’s time that you figure out what you truly desire. Instead of looking for someone willing to fulfill all your dreams, you actually need genuine love. Romantic gestures and cinematic love might be amazing at first, but it’s guaranteed to fade out.

If you thought that you could base your relationship off of these little moments, you’re so off. Instead, what you actually need is to form a genuine relationship with someone you adore. Together, your chemistry will naturally bring you all of those beautiful moments you’ve always desired.

20 Sagittarius Wants: Casual Relationship

A Sagittarius is so over all of the stress that usually comes with a relationship. You simply don’t have time to play games with someone, and would much rather be on your own.

If you’re about to find interest in someone, you’d rather keep it as a casual relationship.

You’re simply not willing to put in the time and energy on someone new. You have a ton of things to do and are so not about to get sidetracked into yet another relationship, especially since the last one didn’t end up as planned. While everyone around you might be looking to settle down, you have different plans.

19 Sagittarius Needs: Genuine Commitment

While we understand that you simply might not be ready to get into yet another relationship, it wouldn’t exactly be such a bad idea. You might be pining over a casual relationship with someone, even though that’s actually the last thing that you want.

Instead, it’s time for you to find yourself with someone who offers you a genuine commitment. We suspect that the reason you want a casual relationship is that you’re too scared to settle down with someone. The last thing you want is to be taken advantage of and end up alone. However, if you think that you can find happiness in these casual relationships, think again.

18 Scorpio Wants: Travel

If there is anything that a Scorpio truly desires in a relationship, it’s to experience everything that life has to offer. It’s been your absolute dream to be able to travel the world with your lover.

The first thing on your mind when you end up in a relationship is planning a trip with your boo. 

For a Scorpio, travel is a great way to figure out the strength of your relationship. Since you’re basically together 24/7, it’s only right that you’re sure to figure out how strong your relationship is. Plus, there is nothing that excites you more than being able to experience new cultures with the person you’re head over heels with.

17 Scorpio Needs: Adventure

While we totally understand your desire to travel in a relationship, we’re pretty sure it’s not what you actually need. Firstly, you can totally go on all of these awesome trips alone or with your friends. There is no point in waiting around for a lover to book that life-changing trip to Europe you’ve been dreaming about.

What your relationship actually needs is an adventure. This will be the key in figuring out your relationship as you spend endless time with your boo exploring new places. The best part about adventure is that you can find it absolutely anywhere. Simply grab your lover and go explore your neighbourhood around you! We guarantee that you and your partner are sure to find something awesome on your little adventures.

16 Cancer Wants: Adoration

If there is anything that a Cancer absolutely desires, it’s adoration. You’re so used to being the centre of attention that it’s only right that you find exactly this in your relationship.

You know what a catch you are, so if your lover isn’t willing to give you everything that you desire, you’re sure to find someone else who will.

You’re not willing to put up with anything less than you deserve, and we applaud you for that. Instead, you expect your boo to make it well known how much they adore you. You’re absolutely not willing to settle for anything less than you deserve, and we totally get it.

15 Cancer Needs: Effort

While you might be seeking adoration in your relationship, it’s time to figure out if this is exactly what you need. Instead, maybe your desire for adoration is in order to cover a different aspect of your love life.

We predict that your desire for adoration is due to the fact that there is a lack of effort from your partner. You’re getting effort confused with endless attention. Rather than demanding all of your partner’s attention, it’s time that they offer their effort. Make sure that you’re not desiring one thing, because you’re not getting what you actually need.

14 Aries Wants: Reassurance

We all find ourselves desiring a little more out of our lover here and there. Sometimes we get a little stressed out and over think absolutely everything.

That’s why it’s only right for our lovers to come by and reassure us that everything is totally okay.

As an Aries, you’re known for overthinking things when it comes to love. Most of the time, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. That’s why the reassurance of your lover is key, in order to make sure that you don’t go crazy imagining the worst case scenarios.

13 Aries Needs: Loyalty

While we all need a little reassurance here and there to remind ourselves that everything is absolutely okay, you might be covering a bigger problem. Rather than having your lover constantly remind you everything is okay, it’s much better to have a foundation of loyalty in your relationship.

We predict that the reason you desire reassurance is because you actually need loyalty. Without loyalty, you’re constantly looking for your partner to tell you that everything is okay, when it absolutely isn’t. Don’t settle for your lover telling you everything is okay. Instead, create a strong relationship where you don’t even have to question your partner’s honesty!

12 Virgo Wants: No Conflicts

The absolute last thing that a Virgo wants is conflicts in a relationship. You’ve had your fair share of problems in past relationships and are so over anything stressful.

That’s why your new motto when you find yourself in love is to do whatever is necessary to avoid conflict. 

No one wants to be constantly fighting with their boo over issues. That’s why you’re not scared to go the extra mile to make sure that everything is okay. As a Virgo, you’re willing to bend over backwards for your lover just to make sure that no conflicts arise in your relationship.

11 Virgo Needs: Honesty

It’s time that you consider whether your desire for no problems overpowers honesty in your relationship. Your immense dedication to stopping problems from arising is causing lies to surface in your relationship.

If you think that lying is okay in order to make sure that no problems will occur, you’re way off. Instead, it’s time that you figure out how to be honest with your partner about what’s going on. While you might not want any problems, you have to be willing to talk over difficult matters if it means that honesty is present.

10 Gemini Wants: Motivation

Geminis are all about following their dreams and doing whatever it takes to make them into a reality. The last thing you’re about to settle for is living a life that doesn’t match all of your endless visions.

Your partner is totally on board and must possess the same motivating nature that you have. 

You expect your partner to understand that you won’t always be able to give them 24/7 attention. That’s because you’re doing your own thing and don’t have time to stress over your relationship. You expect your partner to constantly be chasing their dreams, just like you are.

9 Gemini Needs: Positivity

While we totally agree that it’s important to have a motivating partner for a Gemini, it isn’t all that truly matters. Rather, it’s only right that you seek out someone who is positive. The last thing that you want is to be stressed out in a relationship since your partner is constantly pushing you to do more.

Instead, having a positive lover is exactly what you need. They’ll offer you the exact motivation that you desire, rather than overstimulating you. You’ll be able to actually relax in your relationship instead of feeling pressured to seek more. Best of all, positivity is always the key to living a happy life!

8 Taurus Wants: Endless Fun

A Taurus is willing to do whatever it takes to live their best life. There is absolutely nothing in the way in between you having fun and living your life.

While everyone around you might be complaining over their love lives, you’re constantly working to make yours as fun as possible. 

You’re known for always knowing how to have a good time, even when you’re in a relationship. You expect your lover to have the exact same desire as you to seek more out of life. There is nothing that you want more than to be head over heels for someone willing to make any situation into a good time!

7 Taurus Needs: Communication

While endless fun might be what you’re seeking, communication is what you actually need. There is no point in constantly trying to have a good time with your lover when you’re unable to fully communicate with them. Rather, you’re constantly going to be looking to have a good time with your boo since there is such a grand disconnect between you two.

It’s time to stop pretending that having endless fun is the key to making your relationship work, and instead realize that it’s open communication with your partner. Don’t waste your energy seeking something that won’t truly make you happy. Instead, be open with your partner and discuss how you actually feel.

6 Libra Wants: Wealth

Libras more than anyone understand that the key to making your dreams into a reality is through hard work. You’re not embarrassed to tell your lover that wealth is something important to you, since it shows how hard you’ve worked.

You expect your lover to equally work as hard as you, and be able to build wealth along the way. 

While everyone might see you as being a little superficial when it comes to love, you don’t see it that way. Instead, wealth for you is an indication that your lover has worked long and hard to create the life they want to live. As a Libra, no one is about to tell you how to live their lives.

5 Libra Needs: A Strong Future

While we understand your justification for wealth being a representation of hard work, there is totally more to the story. Rather than spending all of your hard earned money on fancy things, it’s better to save it for the future.

That’s why rather than seeking out a lover who is constantly flexing all their riches, you need a partner investing their current wealth to obtain future wealth. While it might be not as fun initially, it’s the key to making sure you’ll live a happy life one day. You don’t want a lover obsessed with the present, rather than looking into the future.

4 Capricorn Wants: Constant Chemistry

It’s safe to say that Capricorns adore strong chemistry when it comes to love. There is absolutely no better feeling than having endless butterflies swirl around in your stomach when you find yourself head over heels for someone new.

The excitement of flirting near the onset of your relationship is sure to top every other moment. 

That’s why if a Capricorn doesn’t experience that chemistry early on, they’re already onto the next. The last thing you’re about to do is stick around with someone who doesn’t fill your soul with immense emotion.

3 Capricorn Needs: Basis of Friendship

While we totally understand your desire for experiencing raw emotion, there is way more to the story. The truth of the matter is that chemistry is sure to die out eventually. However, a foundation of friendship is the key to truly making your relationship work and grow into the future.

When the butterflies eventually die out, you want to be dating your best friend. The last thing that you need is to end up with someone who you aren’t truly connected to once all of the fun disappears. Rather than seeking a lover that makes you feel in love, look for someone you’re willing to love in the long run. This is totally someone who basically is your best friend!

2 Aquarius Wants: Romantic Gestures

For an Aquarius, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a romantic gesture. These little things prove that your partner is willing to go out of their way to make your feel special and on top of the world!

While everyone might get flowers on valentines day, you prefer to receive them any other day. 

This alongside with other little things are the actual key to your heart. However, as a Aquarius you expect your lovers to often go above and beyond when it comes to surprising you with gifts. For you, it seems like romantic gestures are a key way in having your partner profess their love for you.

1 Aquarius Needs: A Few Surprises

That’s all you really need! While we completely understand your desire for romantic gifts, it’s not what you actually need. Instead, you would be so much more happier experiencing a few surprises here and there, rather than being constantly gifted little things.

It seems as if you’ve got a little confused about what it really means to be in love. Being gifted stuff doesn’t prove that your lover actually cares for you. However, since you desire all of these surprises, a few should be able to satisfy you. Instead, we recommend that you make sure to seek a relationship where you’re actually happy! Forget about all of the gifts and surprises and instead focus on your partner!

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