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Are you among the most irritating zodiac signs in the horoscope? Don’t worry: you hardly need to answer! Let’s find out if you are in the ranking!

If you answer the question “ how annoying are you ” by starting to make a chicken noise or singing out loud, maybe you don’t need to answer. In fact, some people believe that being irritating is a great way to have fun with others. Sure, sometimes giving discomfort can be fun … but for how long?

Let’s find out if you are in the standings horoscope for today and even if you do it on purpose … or you have a talented natural!
Here are the top five positions.

The most irritating zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Some people can really drive you mad with rage … by doing almost nothing!
Maybe it’s that your close to home that likes to stay in the car and leave it turned on under your windows and sends messages or the guy at the supermarket who wears the mask with the nose of outside.

Maybe it’s your roommates, you really never stop to sing and play the guitar, or that your friend who always comes back with his ex.
It doesn’t matter (good or bad) what is the attitude that gets you out of your anger: some people will manage, in one way or another, to provoke you!

Let’s find out the ranking of the five most irritating zodiac signs of the zodiac so that we can be prepared when we meet them.
Aren’t you curious to know if you are in the rankings?

Cancer: fifth place

As often as they try not to, Cancer can be really annoying when they want to. The fact is that the Cancer, often and willingly, can immediately identify the weaknesses of others and knows how to use them to his advantage almost immediately!

Often, Cancer tries to be irritating to ” pull the rope ” and see how much others love him. It is not irritating for the sake of it but to ” test ” his relationships. In short: it would be better to stop, don’t you think?

Aquarius: fourth place

“ Where are you going ? Who are you going with ? How do you go there ? I made you lunch ! ”. While these don’t seem like (and basically aren’t) irritating questions, we can assure you that Aquarius can get on your nerves pretty quickly.

If you know one, you also know that you cannot ” escape ” his yoke. They always want to be involved in everything you say or do, they insinuate themselves into your life in the most subtle way: making themselves indispensable!
Although their attitude does not necessarily point to be irritating, of course, sometimes those born under the sign of Aquarius end up becoming one.
They want everything and too much: if you are not prepared you might find them… extremely irritating!

Libra: third place

In third place in our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Libra. Their urge to party might be irritating to some (as they never stop) but generally, those born under the sign of Libra are irritating people for other reasons!

First of all they never really say how things are: they are not honest towards others and they lie shamelessly … even when they tell you they hate lying!
Then, the Libra very often tries to insinuate itself in the relationships of others: basically it would just like to be included but often and willingly ends up being just irritating.
He loves the inside jokes but is unable to leave the space of others … the others!

Gemini: second place

Even the twins can be really annoying and if you know the one you also know why, in all likelihood.
This is a sign that he is never sure of anything: of his love for you or that he hates you, what he wants to do in life or where he wants to eat.

Every decision, for the Gemini, seems to be really too difficult to make and they often drag everyone else into their chaos.
If the Gemini, however, manage to orient themselves well in their life, for others it is obviously not the same!

That’s why, often, Gemini seem so irritating, they are people who choose to follow the flow of things and they change so often idea that even they know what they want.
This is, of course, a personal decision: for others, however, it is really difficult to be next to him!

Aries: first place in the ranking of the most irritating signs

L ‘ Aries is the first on our list for a good reason of course: it can be truly the most irritating of all!
This is a sign that he does not mind contradicting the word just given and being completely inconsistent.

Dealing with them means spending a lot of time trying to understand them: one day they say one thing and the next another.
But the most irritating characteristic of Aries is not ” only ” this: they are also very difficult people when it comes to interpersonal relationships!

If you are friends with an Aries, you will know well how it is difficult to carve out the time for yourself: the Aries have always plenty to do, appointments with other people, or intrigue to solve.
Almost impossible to ask him to stand by yourself.
The Aries does not you will rarely to their full attention but they demand from you that you are always around!

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