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You always hear him muttering and complaining about something. According to the stars it is indisputably the most plaintive sign of the whole zodiac.

We all complain about something from time to time, but he pretty much always finds a good reason to complain. He never suits him anything and for this reason everyone agrees in assigning him the band of the most plaintive sign of the zodiac.

Our astral belonging and our zodiac sign give us distinctive characteristics with a lot of innate strengths and weaknesses that are then shaped with time and our personal experiences making us all unique subjects. If there is one thing that unites all natives of this zodiac sign, it is perpetual complaint. He complains so much that the listener’s ears bleed. Did you understand who we are talking about?

Cancer is the zodiac sign that complains most of all

It is known and scientifically confirmed that sleeping and listening to a person who complains for a long time creates psychological damage. According to a recent study, an individual complains on average 15 to 30 times in a single day and without realizing it. 30 times a day is no small feat, yet there are those who exceed this record by constantly complaining throughout the day: we are talking about the natives of Cancer.

Its dominant element is water and this element is the basis of its hypersensitivity. Cancer is a very empathic, understanding, good sign, linked to the family by an indissoluble love and takes everything to heart.

Cancer hates falsehood in all its forms and if they discover that someone has been false towards them they are able to remove them forever from their life. For this sign, an unpleasant truth is always better than a lie. Cancer is a sign that expresses his thoughts in no uncertain terms. Saying what is wrong with him is an opportunity to improve things and therefore live better. Even when he complains he does it with the hope of changing things for the better, so there is a positive purpose behind his perpetual moans. Even if his remarks about him telling him about him have a constructive purpose, sometimes you have to put a stop to him because he risks being exhausting especially with friends and relatives and with all the people with whom he feels very comfortable.

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