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The Most Envious Signs. He is Never Happy for Others!

Your unhappiness makes them happy, and their life is full of resentment.

Resentments are based on a deep feeling of insecurity and this usually happens because of envy and jealousy. The thing about envy is that no one really admits that they are envious, so identifying the reasons why a person may have such outbursts is sometimes extremely difficult.

Resentments usually arise when one person wants what another person has. She cannot be happy for the success of others, because she has the impression that if a good thing happens to someone else, then she no longer represents anything.

Resentful people will tell you that they wish you all the best in the world, but they are just words. They wait for you to fail and feed on your unhappiness!


Libra has a problem with other people’s happiness, especially if they secretly want things they own. Libra chooses to judge them and find a knot in their mess, instead of trying to learn the methods by which they manage to obtain everything they have and, if it’s moral, to apply them in turn.


Virgo envies people for their physical appearance, relationships, health, or wealth.

She will never be happy for another person because she is too insecure and everyone frustrates her.


Aries does not tolerate the happiness of others. Although he would like to convince everyone that he is well-intentioned and full of compassion, the truth is completely different. He is envious of anyone who has more than him. He will never admit that he has this weakness but will come forward to announce that what you are doing is not a big deal. He likes to destroy the happiness of others.


Scorpio resents everything they can’t control. If you don’t conform to his plans, he will hate you for being too free. The freedom of another is cause for concern for him, as it means that you may not do what he says and that you will not obey him.


Pisces will use any excuse they can find to hold a grudge, and this is because they are jealous of everyone. If you have a good relationship with someone, they will be jealous. If you look good, they will envy you. Pisces feels that you don’t deserve what you have.

In their minds, they deserve all the good things!


Aquarius was born jealous, so they naturally hold a grudge against anyone. He is not only envious but hates you for your accomplishments. Aquarius doesn’t cling to what they don’t have, they simply despise what you do have!

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