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These Two Zodiac Signs Tend To Lose Control During Couple Arguments.

Romantic relationships sometimes have pitfalls and arguments are an integral part of life as a couple. However, certain zodiac signs tend to feel overwhelming emotions during these tense moments. The perceived anger, disappointment, or even betrayal can then make self-control and communication within the couple more difficult. In this article, we’ll look at the two zodiac signs that have the hardest time channeling their emotions during an argument.


Scorpio is undoubtedly a very passionate astrological sign, both in love and friendship. However, the same passion can turn into a real emotional storm if a quarrel breaks out between him and his partner. Scorpio has difficulty dealing with negative emotions such as anger, disappointment, or even betrayal.

Increased Resentment In The Event Of A Conflict

One of the main problems Scorpios encounter during marital disputes is their ability to feel deep resentment toward their spouse. This can be perceived as real suffering for the Scorpio, who then tend to let their emotions explode unfiltered. Furthermore, his persistent resentment further complicates the situation: he often finds it difficult to forgive and move on.

Aggravated Internal Suffering

Although Scorpios can sometimes appear distant or insensitive, their overwhelming emotions are very real and are heightened in times of conflict. This often hidden or concealed inner suffering makes dealing with arguments particularly tricky for this zodiac sign.


Aries is another zodiac sign where feelings often boil over during a couple of arguments. His natural impulsiveness and need for control can create a conflict dynamic that is difficult for him and his partner to manage.

Impulsivity As An Aggravating Factor

Aries is known for being lively and impulsive. If this peculiarity causes him to experience certain situations with great intensity, it can also become a real handicap in resolving a conflict. Aries may then have difficulty taking a step back and thinking before speaking, thus allowing their negative feelings to flow.

An Increased Need For Control

In addition to their impulsiveness, Aries has a deep need to be in control of the situation and take control. In the event of an argument, this need can turn into a hellish spiral that only increases the tensions and negative emotions felt.


While it’s completely normal to feel intense emotions during couple arguments, these two zodiac signs often have more difficulty than others channeling their emotions and communicating peacefully with their partner. Here are some tips for successfully calming a conflict situation:

  • Show patience and understanding: Listening and tolerance are essential to defusing a conflict, although they can be difficult to apply when emotions are heightened.
  • Learn to breathe deeply and calmly: Breathing is an excellent way to control stress and emotions during a confrontation. Taking a moment to breathe before answering will also help you think about the words you want to say.
  • Express your feelings and needs without aggression: Assertive communication is crucial in the event of a conflict. It is important to express your feelings without blaming or hurting the other person.
  • Give yourself time to think: In certain tense situations, it can be helpful to take a moment to think about the issues in the conflict and your own emotions. This will allow you to approach the situation with a new perspective and better self-control.

In summary, Scorpio and Aries are two astrological signs that need to redouble their efforts to successfully channel and manage their overwhelming emotions during couple arguments. Through better communication and work on themselves, they can gradually learn to deal with these conflict situations more calmly and constructively.

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