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How bad can you be? No, don’t worry about answering: we have compiled the ranking of the most vindictive signs of the zodiac. And you, are you in the ranking?

We certainly do not want to say that you have a blackboard on which all your diabolical plans are indicated to make it “pay” to those who have wronged you or that you fall asleep in the evening, like Arya Stark, repeating in a low voice the list of your enemies.
We would never say things like that just because we don’t believe you’re the vengeful type. Um … don’t you think, however, that it is worth checking the first positions of today’s horoscope?

Let’s find out together what are the signs that do everything to take their revenge and do even too much strength.
Maybe you will discover that you too are among them or … that the people around you have protected you from the worst until now.
Let’s get started?

The most vindictive signs of the zodiac: are you there in today’s horoscope ranking?

Stop at least for a second plotting against that your fellow asylum who, thirty years ago, I lent you his pastels to oil.
Let’s leave your complex plans for revenge for a moment, which involve checking the social profiles of that guy who is very “friend” of your ex-girlfriend every day, every day.

Let’s forget, too, for a moment your stalking in that street where a guy, once, gave you a shoulder without realizing it, in an attempt to meet him again to give him tit for tat.
Aren’t you doing all this because you are one of the most vindictive signs in the entire zodiac?

Here, we said it: there is a possibility that you are one of those people unable to let go of their problems with others.
We don’t want to say that you tie it around your finger … or at least not only!
No, you don’t just carry a grudge: you prepare detailed plans and start wars that will have to satisfy your thirst for revenge!

How about: do you think it’s worth knowing your zodiac “ colleagues ” who are at least as vengeful as you are?

Cancer: fifth place

You might be surprised that Cancer is a vengeful sign and if that’s the case we have something to tell you.
You do not know exactly for anything your friends or your loved ones were born under the sign of Cancer!

Cancer is a sign capable of becoming and being very vindictive. No, he does not make careful plans to hurt others but he always knows how to do it and if the opportunity arises he has no real qualms.
If you have mistreated someone born under the sign of Cancer, in all probability you can expect his revenge. Like any good vindictive, however, cancer the revenge tastes it cold: who wait!

Gemini: fourth place

Today there are no problems between you and the Gemini but already in an hour or from tomorrow, we would not know if it will still be like this.
Because? Simply because Gemini is one of the most vindictive signs of the horoscope and they have no problem “making you pay “.

For what? Maybe for years-old issues that have been waiting for months and months to withdraw. The Gemini is the classic person who claims that everything is fine and who is not offended or angry with others.
What happens then, however, is that the Gemini are unable to restrain themselves when they can take revenge: and they also take revenge with a lot of nastiness!
With those born under this sign, life is a mountain Russian: there who likes but also those who just do not want to know!

Libra: third place

Those born under the sign of Libra almost effortlessly earn the top step of the podium of our today’s horoscope ranking.
Well yes, even Libra can be or become very vindictive if necessary: ​​you just need to find the right ” conjunction ” ( astral or not)!

The balance is a sign that you always behave like that which has no problems with anyone. He does not tell you what or if there is something wrong, he does not express himself and, above all, he is afraid to say something for which others could “judge” him.
So what does Libra do in the meantime? We could say that it accumulates: anger upon anger and, of course, revenge upon revenge.
Dealing with those born under Libra can result in a real ” underground ” fight that will culminate in their revenge sooner or later. Better be careful!

Leo: second place

But now, the Leos, so loyal and understanding in second place in the ranking of the most vindictive zodiac signs of all?
The answer, of course, is, unfortunately, yes: the lion can become very vindictive and we hope you do not discover it ever!

The Lion is one of those signs that just can not handle her feelings and that when it does take the anger ends up becoming hot.
For Leo, therefore, there is no possibility of forgiveness after someone has exhausted the numerous opportunities that Leo makes available to them!

Yes, because Leo can also be patient or, in any case, value friendship and loyalty a lot.
If you do him rudeness, then, in the face of your apologies he will be able to forgive you: but if you don’t, open up heaven! The Leo will wait for the right moment to hit you and, in the meantime, will also organize many small ways to make you pay. They are vindictive – don’t mess with them!

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most vindictive signs of the zodiac

Impossible to give the first place of our ranking today to anyone other than Taurus. It is they who are the most vindictive of the horoscope: what a fear!
The Taurus is a sign that you do not trouble to show in public his disdain or anger toward someone.

He certainly does not do it for any other reason that is not linked to the purest revenge: the Taurus also spends months to engineer his revenge!
Whether it is to show up in the bar where he knows you will be, to gossip about you with all your friends, to tell around that you are inconclusive, or even to foreclose on job opportunities, it doesn’t matter.
The Taurus will do everything to put the sticks on the wheels!

Seeing as this is a sign that he often takes everything very personally, Taurus does not need invitations to become vengeful.
He already knows what to do and how to do it and, if you turn your back on him, know that he already has bespoke revenge ready for you!

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