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The Madness That Any Zodiac Sign Would Do for Love

Find out what madness of love each sign of the zodiac is ready to do in order to hold onto your loved one.

When you are in love, everything changes. What seemed unthinkable the day before becomes real and even the most deeply rooted ideas can falter under the attacks of a heart determined to find a meeting point with the loved one. Even the strongest or apparently immune to love risk giving up if really taken by the other person and if this largely depends on the feelings you feel and the situation in place, there are some things on which the stars have a certain influence. . For example, there are the classic follies of love that can be influenced precisely by the sign of belonging. Do you want to find out what they are? After seeing how we act when we are jealous and how insecure we are in love, today we will discover that madness is ready to make every sign, in order to check ours and try to guess those of our half.

Horoscope: this is the madness that every zodiac sign is willing to do for love

Aries – Making a sudden gesture without warning
Impetuous and accustomed to living for the day, those born under the sign of Aries are inclined to make sudden gestures, often not even calculated. An example? They may decide to show up at their loved one’s workplace or do something very scenic while they are working or busy with other important chores. Situations that can be sweet and romantic but that in some cases can also create some difficulties. A consequence that as reckless, Aries tend to solve with equal impetuosity, risking creating problems after problems.

Taurus – Going all the way without ever looking back
How deeply in love they feel, the natives of Taurus tend to do anything for the person they love and to meet their feelings regardless of who they have at their side. This way they risk hurting friends or losing something important. All this is due to too much passion and the desire to invest everything and everything for the feeling they believe in. Sometimes, however, a little more attention to detail could be useful, avoiding probable errors that could even compromise the story itself.

Gemini – Performing gestures often in opposition to each other
Their dual being pushes those born under the sign of Gemini to perform actions that are also conflicting with each other and this because on the one hand they never reflect enough before acting and on the other because they often find themselves change your mind. In this way, a beautiful action, whatever it may be, often corresponds to a contrary one, able to surprise the partner in the negative and all with the risk of making him estrange even forever. Greater control of your emotions and, above all, of your words, could make a big difference.

Cancer – Making a few too many scenes
Although romantic and able to make surprises, the real madness that those born under the sign of Cancer risk doing more often out of love is precisely the scene of jealousy. This is partly due to an underlying insecurity and the rest of the need to shout out one’s feelings, often held in too long by pride. Those who love them therefore, will have to learn to read their ways and understand that behind every scene there is often only a slightly too extreme declaration of love that should be taken as such.

Leo – Put everything aside for some time
Who knows what the natives of Leo are like knows how to stop and put everything on standby for love is a real madness for them. Therefore, when this happens, the partner should feel more than flattered. In fact, work and success are always the primary goal of Leos and if they decide to put them aside it is only in the name of something that at that moment matters to them even more. Which gesture can be considered more romantic, then? Too bad that once they have escaped the danger, their return to duty will be marked by tighter rhythms. Because once their clarity returns, their first thought will be to make up for lost time.

Virgo – Doing something really stupid
Those born under the sign of Virgo are great calculators who very rarely act without having first thought about the pros and cons of every smallest gesture. When love knocks on their door, however, reason always tends to step aside a little, pushing them to choices that are not very rational and completely opposite to those they would normally make. This obviously risks leading them to make big mistakes that they may one day regret. While being aware of it, however, the strength of feelings always tends to prevail and give them the opportunity to do something stupid.

Libra – Being a little less moderate than usual
The natives of Libra are perhaps the ones who of all the signs are able to maintain the best control of themselves. This happens because they have always been used to moderating themselves in everything and this exercise can only temper them even for the most extreme situations. However, albeit in a perhaps less eccentric way than others, they too tend to lose their reason a bit and actually show themselves more instinctive and excited than usual. Which, in a moment when they think that their love is at risk, could lead them to sudden actions, even able to give an image of them decidedly different from the one masterfully built over the years.

Scorpio – Performing sudden and unexpected actions
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are passionate and impulsive people, especially when it comes to love. In particular moments, therefore, they risk doing or saying things they might regret or acting in an extreme way in order to make the other person understand their feelings. Sometimes it can be a sudden gesture, others an unexpected promise, still others to give up something they wanted to make happy those they love. Each time it will always be different because their action is moved by the need of the moment and by the strength of the feeling they feel. What matters is that it will always be something unexpected both for the partner and for themselves.

Sagittarius – Giving up your desire for independence
Born free and with the desire to go around the world, the natives of Sagittarius, if really in love, are also ready to put aside their needs and everything to spend time with their loved one . Similarly, if the feeling they feel is so strong that it seems destined to last forever, they are even ready to get married, putting aside any fear related to bonds and giving space only to the feeling they feel. Those who love them, however, should do the same, becoming not only the life partner of their adventures and this in order not to extinguish the hunger for life that burns inside them, making them what they are.

Capricorn – Putting aside all forms of calculations
Regular and calculating workers who have always been, those born under the sign of Capricorn tend to change their way of being when they feel in love and upset. The fear of losing their other half can in fact push them to do crazy shopping such as a trip that they cannot afford or a vacation that can also cost them their job. Real madnesses that they do at the moment without thinking about it, almost feeling like heroes willing to do anything but which, once the danger has been overcome, will also have rather serious consequences. Those who are with them, therefore, should learn to put a stop to them in this sense.

Aquarius – Canceling for Love
The natives of Aquarius are people who need personal space to feel good about themselves. If they are in love and perceive this need as a relationship problem they are willing to step aside trying to become one with the other person. This, however, over time risks pushing them to suffer to the point of coming to feel a sort of hostility towards the cause of their problem. Those who are close to them and love them, therefore, should never push them to give up their little corner of the world, indispensable for them to center themselves and truly feel themselves.

Pisces – Struggle in every way to reach the goal
The highly romantic nature of those born under the sign of Pisces leads them to give everything and for everything in love. This means making even extreme gestures or radically changing habits and everything to make the person they love happy. A similar distortion of oneself, however, over time leads only to negative results and to decisions made for the wrong reasons and therefore far from their true way of being. Even if they are in love, therefore, they should only act by doing things they are sure they will not regret in the future and that they would be willing to do even if they did not feel so in love.

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