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The Love Reminder Each Zodiac Needs In December 2023


It’s natural to be nervous about entering a new relationship (or taking the next step in an existing relationship). There’s nothing wrong with you for feeling this way. It’s perfectly natural to be nervous – but if this person is giving you bad vibes, take it as a sign to leave


Actions are important, but so are words. Don’t assume your person already knows how much you care. Remind them as much as you can. Never let a compliment go unspoken because they deserve to feel spoiled.


The puppy love phase isn’t going to last forever. As your relationship matures, things are going to change – but your love for each other should remain. Your respect should remain. Those core aspects shouldn’t go anywhere


Love is about teamwork. It’s about navigating this world together. You should never treat your partner like the enemy or competition. You’re supposed to be on the same side. So work together, not against each other


No one can guess what’s on your mind. If you want someone to know how you feel, you need to say the words aloud. You need to show vulnerability and transparency. Otherwise, misunderstandings are almost a given


Never stop putting effort into the relationship. Never let yourself get so comfortable that you stop trying. Your partner deserves love and affection, so don’t try to get away with the least amount of effort possible


Dating might be rough, but picking the first person who pays attention to you isn’t the solution. Never let your loneliness or impatience cause you to settle. Wait for that person who fits you best. Stay patient for as long as possible


Your partner should be your best friend. If you love each other, but you don’t actually like each other, then the relationship is never going to work out. You’re never going to work as a functional team


You’re not a bad person for breaking a heart. If someone isn’t right for you, the kindest thing to do is to break up with them. You can’t stay with them out of guilt or obligation. You need to do what feels right for you


Love isn’t always easy – but it shouldn’t be too tough either. You shouldn’t be stressed all the time. You shouldn’t feel like loving this person is hard work. Your feelings should come organically


Your partner isn’t in charge of your happiness. You can’t rely on them to cheer you up every time that you’re down and keep you entertained at all times. You can’t put that much pressure on them. You have to be in charge of your own happiness


Your partner should support your wildest dreams, your hobbies, and your friendships. They shouldn’t force you to choose between love and your friends, or love and your career. There should be enough room for everything that matters to you.

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