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Husbands Ranked From Best To Worst Based On Their Zodiac Sign 2022


They are very loyal men. They tend to be traditional and consider family and friends to be the two most important aspects of life.

They will never intentionally harm you, let alone cheat on you.

If they feel the flame is going out, they will be honest with you, but they will never cheat on you.

They will respect and honor you as long as they are with you and you will feel really lucky to have found the best husband ever.


They just have a beautiful soul. They will love and cherish you for the rest of your life.

They will never let something or someone hurt you. They will make sure that you are not missing anything in life.

Sometimes they can be a little jealous, but it is not the kind of unhealthy jealousy, on the contrary, it is beneficent jealousy.

They love with all their heart, and they miss their partner very quickly, so sometimes they can experience the fear of losing you.


They will want to make you happy in any way possible.

With their unbridled creativity, they will do a lot of romantic things for you that you never expected.

They will make sure that you receive enough money and that you feel safe and always loved.

Their sensitive side is also a plus, even if it can sometimes seem a bit exaggerated.

That said, with a husband who was born under the sign of Pisces, nothing is ever too much to deal with.


It’s well known that Capricorns are a bit traditional and tense around the edges, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good husbands.

They will make sure you are supported financially and they will always have a plan for the future.

They are also very romantic and don’t argue that much. Well, only when there are money issues. But overall, they are really caring and wonderful husbands.


It is a fact that Lions care deeply about themselves and their egos.

But what not many people know is that Leos are also known to be very loyal.

When they love someone, they do anything to keep them, they are very protective and loyal and they love to laugh.

If you are more of the type who wants to have fun, then choose a Leo to be your husband.

He’s hilarious and his laugh is just infectious.


They are very kind and warm. They’ll want to devote all of their time to you, and what’s special about them is that they like to stay home.

They like to work from home and are not very keen on outdoor activities.

So, if you plan to spend some time alone, don’t expect to do it at home, because it will always be there.

For his sake, you should urge him out of the house every now and then.

Go for a walk or go out to dinner. Do something outside the house.


Gemini men are usually everywhere and don’t engage that easily. Gemini is someone who is quite free-spirited and doesn’t like to be tied up

But if you do manage to catch a Gemini, you should know that they will treat you the same way you treat them.

If you are nice to him he will be nice to you and if you don’t treat him right he might get very cheeky and a bit mean.


making love is a cry that comes from deep inside them. They are very passionate and they radiate this romantic energy all around you.

Scorpios are great husbands, but it can be hard to trust them completely.

Because of their energy and the way they interact with others, you can never be sure that they will stay loyal.

A Scorpio man will keep his promises, but you’re never really going to know if there’s something he’s hiding from you.


You can be sure right away that an Aries will not stay loyal to you.

It’s not that he doesn’t like you and that he’ll jump on every girl who walks by, it’s just the way he is and something he can’t help but do.

They really try to stay loyal, but their adventurous spirit and the need to be constantly on the move are the things that keep them from being loyal.

Having said that, there is a way to deal with it all and that is to try and talk to him and see what happens next because Aries is a very reasonable person nonetheless.


Their biggest flaw is that they expect too much. They will give you a lot, but their expectations in return will just be too high.

They will help you make your dreams come true, but as you go through the worst time of your life, they are going to expect you to put your problems aside and take care of theirs.

The thing that can break your relationship is the problem of those expectations being too high because it will definitely come to the point where it asks you to do something that you just cannot do.


They are very closed people and it is very difficult to talk to them.

So you can easily lose good communication with them which is a huge problem right off the bat.

They know what they want from marriage and from you, but the problem is, you just don’t know.

You cannot read his mind and you just cannot understand how he is feeling and what he really wants.

He must simply learn to reveal his feelings!


They’re a little too good and people often know how to take advantage of them. They are perfect for you.

They take care of you and make you smile. You feel loved and all is well.

Having said that, they act overly friendly and affectionate with you and not just with you, but with everyone, including other women.

They are also very sympathetic and charismatic people, which is a plus for them and for you, but also for other women.

Don’t be surprised if your Libra is doing other people a favor, including other women who might benefit.

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