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Find out how narcissistic you are based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to ways of being, mankind is a real mystery. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand a person and sometimes even to know oneself thoroughly. Between desires and reality, the mind often works out ways to make us grasp only what we want and this is true both when we are dealing with others and when we try to judge ourselves. However, there are ways of being more “stable” than others as they are related to the character or influence that the stars have on us. An example of all is narcissism, or that sort of mania of self-satisfaction, of always wanting to be the center of attention and to be obsessed with the image that one gives of oneself. A very different aspect from vanity even if we often end up confusing them. And saw that we have already talked about vanity, after seeing how sophisticated we are today we will find out if and how much we are narcissistic. After all, finding out can always help us find ways to moderate ourselves at least a little, right?

Are you a born narcissist? The truth according to the stars

Aries – Quite Narcissistic
Yes, your zodiac sign is one of the most narcissistic ones. The desire to always look your best, combined with your competitiveness, leads you to be selfish at times and everything in order to receive the approval of others for you much more important than you want to believe. Also for this reason, you usually never leave the house if you don’t feel perfect, avoiding revealing your possible defects to others. In the eyes of the world, what matters most to you is feeling the best through and through. Which makes you from every point of view, making you forget everything else.

Taurus – A Really Great Narcissist
Your level of narcissism is so high that you don’t even need to get someone else’s approval. The truth is that you like yourself a lot and when you spot points for improvement, you do your best to get the desired results. This is true both temperamentally and physically. Your self-confidence is therefore constantly at its peak. Too bad you have some problems with criticism. Sometimes, even being open to negative judgments can be a strength, indicating a real security, such as not to be afraid of different opinions.

Gemini – Almost not at all narcissistic
You have a good relationship with yourself that pushes you to live peacefully and without the need for external gratifications. While appreciating different aspects of yourself, you are never narcissistic, convinced as you are that anyone working properly could achieve the same goals as you. With a character that is pleasing to everyone, you tend to be embarrassed by too much praise. In short, you really have an excellent balance between self-confidence and humility, such as to make you even more envied by those around you and would like to be just like you.

Cancer – Narcissist in a very variable way
Basically you are a born narcissist, but to row against you there is a deep insecurity that you really struggle to shake off. In everyday life, therefore, it is very unlikely that you will be full of yourself, unless you suddenly find yourself in the center of attention and compliments of all kinds. In fact, when your insecurity gives way to security, your narcissism will come to life making you appear as one of the fullest signs of the whole zodiac.

Leo – The most narcissistic of all
It is useless to go around it, yours is certainly the most narcissistic sign of the whole zodiac. This means that in addition to liking you temperamentally, you consider yourself a person of good appearance and immense value. All features that make you appear a little too full of yourself, even when you think you’re modest. A good way to mitigate this way of being could be to open up to others, showing interest and making an effort to find strengths. Living just for yourself, after all, isn’t all that pleasant in the long run. Better to help even those who have less confidence in their means than you have, right?

Virgo – Almost Narcissistic at
All Yours is the least narcissistic zodiac sign of all. Rational as you are, in fact you tend to notice every smallest flaw, accepting yourself despite everything but remaining aware that you are not perfect at least when others will never be in your eyes. Sure, your vanity tends to swell with compliments you, by the way, love to receive. Nonetheless, she still remains too far from being a narcissistic person.

Libra – Strongly Narcissistic
Besides being a vain person you are also very narcissistic. After all, your constant search for beauty and everything you do to improve day after day must be of some use, right?
The beauty of you is that you never seem to settle for results, continuing to aspire to something more. Remember, however, that even your own interiority must be cultivated and that only in this way can you consider yourself perfect, or almost.

Scorpio – Narcissist
Your level of narcissism is average. Sensitive to the compliments of others, you like to feel admired and for this reason you always try to be at the top. Basically you do it also because you are the most severe judge of yourself and to feel your best you need to fulfill certain characteristics. Just be careful not to focus too much on aspects that often only you notice and that can end up making you lose sight of many important things.

Sagittarius – Narcissist enough
You have always had an excellent relationship with yourself, given the confidence you have in your means and the fact that you do just enough to please you. Nonetheless, your level of narcissism is average, without ever being excessive so much that too many compliments even end up getting tired. On the other hand, however, you like to find positive sides in others, which makes you an extremely pleasant person, especially by those who need a certain amount of praise to live at their best.

Capricorn – Narcissist only when needed
Basically you are not a narcissistic person and if it were up to you you would always walk around in overalls, paying very little attention to both your appearance and what others think. However, your way of doing things and acting changes according to the people you relate to. Being considered inferior to others is something you just don’t tolerate, so if you frequent people who are used to getting in the way you will tend to do the same, varying according to the situations. In short, it is really difficult to define yourself. You certainly have a certain form of narcissism that needs to be stimulated.

Aquarius – Narcissist in your own way
Your being eccentric and over the top is also reflected in your being narcissistic, which you do not so much on an aesthetic level but on a cerebral level. What matters more than anything else is in fact always showing yourself up to the situation, giving an example of your intelligence for which you have always felt particularly sure of yourself. This makes you a moderately narcissistic person but with particularly whimsical moments that others are mostly used to given your way of being.

Pisces – More narcissistic than you seem
The image you give of yourself is that of a person who pays little attention to the exterior, too busy with their dreams to think about anything else. In truth, however, you are a person who loves to receive compliments and who always wants to look his best when he has to relate to others. While not making it a matter of life or death, therefore, always try to be at the top and to appear brilliant in order to obtain the consents that you like so much.

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