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Do you sulk, get angry for a trifle and stamp your feet on the ground as soon as possible? Ah but then you are definitely in the ranking of the most capricious signs of the zodiac, right?

Have you ever pouted and stopped talking to anyone simply because something didn’t go exactly the way you wanted it? How? Are you saying no? Hey but we see you starting to get defensive and starting to cross your arms , you know!

Today ‘s horoscope ranking , in fact, focuses on all those zodiac signs that have remained children … precisely because they have remained capricious! Let’s find out immediately if you are also in today’s ranking and no, obviously we don’t mean that in a pizzeria you are one of those signs that always take the Capricciosa, ok? Let’s find out who is in the top five positions of today ‘s horoscope !

The most capricious signs of the zodiac: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

How temperamental do you think you are from one to ten? How? Is your answer zero ? Are you really sure what you say? Okay, let’s just say we’ve asked you enough questions for now, okay. Today, we have decided to test you on a very curious topic.

We simply want (always if “you can just talk about it) to find out how capricious you are or how bad your family and friends are.
How? But thanks to the ranking of the most capricious zodiac signs of the whole horoscope!

We decided to ask the stars and planets to lend us a hand, drawing up the ranking of the top five truly whimsical zodiac signs . Are you sure (but really sure) that we will not find you in today’s ranking, with your feet on point, your arms folded and a real pout on your face?

Capricorn: fifth place

How? Would those born under the sign of Capricorn be in the ranking of the most capricious zodiac signs of all? But is it possible?
The answer is obviously yes even if we have to acknowledge it to Capricorns : they are truly able to hide their sulk in the best possible way !

Those born under this sign are people who get really stressed when something doesn’t go their way .
Too bad that no one (least of all Capricorns ) knows how Capricorns would like things to go! Do they work too much? They start throwing tantrums . Do they work too little? Whims again . Do they go on vacation too little? Whims , again. In short, you understand: they are never satisfied and they will let you know!

Aries: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Aries skimp very little when it comes to whining and tantrums ! Aries
, in fact, are people with really very high expectations for themselves and for others and, therefore, often get nervous because of really a trifle.

Impossible, then, to try to avoid their bad mood when they have slipped into a tunnel of ” self- destruction ” and pessimism ! Aries are generally quite capricious and intractable until they find a way to “get out” of their bad mood on their own Sometimes they can really be children : it is better to try not to make them angry or not to stay around when they have some whims to work off !

Cancer: third place

Well, those born under the sign of Cancer certainly can’t be surprised by their positioning in this ranking, can they?
Cancer , in fact, is a sign that he can be truly temperamental when he wants and is able to expect others to fix all his problems .

They certainly do not do it out of malice but out of an innate sense of “injustice”. Those born under the sign of Cancer often think they are the only ones to have bad days and, therefore, are also often convinced that they are the only ones who deserve pampering and rest !
Unfortunately, Cancer knows very little about the expression ” roll up your sleeves “. Be prepared for some (er, numerous) whims on your “journey” with them!

Leo: second place

Leos are truly capricious when they want it is time to say it . We cannot pretend for years that Leos are not, in reality, among the most capricious people in the zodiac because, otherwise, they get angry and piss us off .
This example would be enough to make you understand that Leo is one of the most capricious signs of the zodiac .

If you want more evidence, however, it will generally be enough for you to spend some time with the Leo to discover a truly unattractive side of him . Leos , in fact, are people who easily sulk at others or who literally throw a tantrum if someone does not treat them as they would like.

Arrogant and used to commanding , as well as having everything they want, when they want it, those born under the sign of Leo know how to be capricious and stubborn .
Sometimes, then, they are even impossible to console and it is almost even more difficult to try to understand what they want from you if, by chance and ouch you, you have offended them in some way .
Tantrums and roars – here’s what you can expect from Leos !

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most capricious signs of the zodiac

Dear Gemini , you knew very well that you would have found yourself at the top of today’s ranking: you certainly cannot blame us for your positioning!
Those born under the sign of Gemini , in fact, are real masters in requesting and desiring … what they cannot have.

For them, ” having tantrum ” is not just something sporadic or episodic : it is precisely their way of moving forward in life!
The Gemini , in fact, despite never achieving anything (if not resting on the shoulders of others) are never satisfied with anything .
Or, indeed, perhaps it is precisely because they never finish anything that they are never satisfied, who knows!

Always ready to run  somewhere else , to try to build a more beautiful and sparkling self-image than they have now, Geminis can’t really finish a day without whim.
You will never be able to satisfy them so we advise you, immediately, to let it go.
Gemini can be truly capricious : let them let off steam and only come back to them when they are calm!


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