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Each of us has at least one fear that tries to hide from ourselves and others. Discover that of the various signs of the zodiac.

Fears are one of the greatest limitations of human beings. They are born for the most diverse reasons and tend to guide many of the choices we make every day. Whether they are real or unfounded fears, at the very moment in which they are formed, they begin to change the way of being and acting of those who deeply cherish them and, in some cases, they can even become invalidating, preventing them from leading a peaceful life. and able to follow a linear path.

Often fear can lead to making bad decisions or not making any at all. It can limit making important choices, lead to missed opportunities and create problems in relationships with others. Knowing how to recognize and face one’s fears is certainly an important step to take possession of one’s life and feel serene and satisfied with what one is and the path one is taking.

As already mentioned, the fears you have are strictly personal and change according to the way you are, the experiences you have lived, and what you are facing at the moment. The stars, however, can have an important influence on them, determining some of them. Today, therefore, after having seen how to best start the month of June and how the various signs of the zodiac show love, we will then discover what is the hidden fear of each zodiac sign. Since this is an aspect related to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the hidden fear of people who know each other, and of course, of themselves.

The hidden fear of the various signs of the zodiac

Aries – The fear of losing
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who always show themselves to be strong and in some way independent from everything and everyone. They do this because they are convinced that looking strong is the only thing that matters and that by doing so, others will avoid discovering their frailties. Deep down, these are people who experience great doubts and who ask themselves more questions than they show others. And all for the insecurity that they repudiate day by day, building an armor on which they work continuously and all in the hope of making it invincible. Their greatest fear is therefore that of losing: they have themselves, friends, loved ones, or any goal in mind. A fear that strikes them deeply and that when it creeps in it ends up making them nervous. That is,

Unfortunately, the only way they have to defeat it is to recognize it and fight it off. A very hard obstacle for them and that only with time and a lot of willpower can they overcome by learning to enjoy real security in themselves, capable of giving them the peace and serenity they have always craved.

Taurus – Fear of insecurities
The natives of Taurus have an immeasurable need for security and when even one of these ends up being lost, a form of fear that is difficult to manage is established in them. Strong and sure of their means, the natives of the sign manage to remain so as long as their stable points manage to remain so. Generally, it is about family, friends, social position, work, etc … All elements in constant evolution that, when they undergo a mutation, lead them to a fear that becomes greater than them. For this reason, despite their nature leading them to life made up of quiet moments, when it comes to studying, work or goals to be achieved, they can commit themselves fully, overcoming every obstacle with only willpower. Beyond everything, in fact, for them, it is important to be able to reach certain goals that can guarantee them a life that is based on certainties. They need the same ones to live well and fully enjoy the moments of peace they love so much.

Gemini – Fear of hidden thoughts
Those born under the sign of Gemini need to know that there is always something in the world that can entertain them. At the same time, they rely on others for comfort but, above all, to know that they have someone they can rely on in times of need. As sociable as ever, they tend to make lots of friends to never be alone. And this is because their greatest fear is to experience a sense of emptiness that they feel stronger when there is too much silence around them or when the monotony of everyday life ends up becoming a background to their many thoughts. For this reason, they are always ready to move and fight to find new things to do. Things capable of engaging his mind and making their deepest thoughts always remain muted. A fear that can make their life difficult, taking away so much energy from them. It will only be by learning to face themselves that they will finally be able to give voice to what they fear, thus learning to face it and live their journey with more positivity.

Cancer – The fear of being betrayed
Cancerians tend to have an almost obsessive relationship with the people they love. This arises from the fact that at the base they live in a condition of great insecurity. Insecurity drives them to constantly fear being disappointed and betrayed by those they love most. This way of thinking, therefore, leads them to be almost obsessive with others, constantly demanding attention which, when they do not arrive, pushes them to feel frustrated and become in a bad mood. This leads them to ways of doing that, absurdly, push them towards their greatest fear, distancing them from people they would like to have closer to themselves. This fear of betrayal can even lead them to choose to partner with people they don’t love or feel only half involved in and all because what they care about most is the security of being in control of the relationship. A control that by their way of seeing protects them from any disappointment. The only way to overcome this is to face their fear, make themselves stronger and live life day by day, leaving others the benefit of the doubt.

Leo – The fear of going unnoticed
Those born under the sign of Leo need to always feel at the center of attention. This depends on the fact that to know they are valid they need social feedback. One thing is that as long as it works can make them happy but that when it fails it can catapult them into the abyss. For this reason, when they find themselves experiencing their fear, they tend to become more active than ever, appearing anything but fearful and showing an energetic and sparkling way of doing things. In reality, however, it is a kind of defense that they put in place to attract the attention of the people around them. A goal that, once achieved, helps them feel stronger and self-confident again.

To get out of this vicious circle, they would need to work more on themselves and their true opinion of themselves. Only in this way will they be able to learn to love each other even without the need for others. And this would lead them to a sense of freedom so strong that it finally makes them happy and truly satisfied with everyday life.

Virgo – Fear of Being Inadequate
Virgo natives often have a critical attitude that makes them appear to be the most confident people in the world. However, this way of doing hides a deep fear that is that of not being up to other people. To defend themselves against this, they always try to consider as truly efficient only people who are far from their world and whom they think they cannot reach. This way they have something to justify themselves with and that allows them to feel good about themselves. Seeing those they consider as equals, doing something to improve themselves, therefore, tends to put them in crisis. And this is because they end up seeing the actions of others as a threat to their way of doing.
It is a very difficult thought to root and that tends to make life difficult, especially for the final judgment which if not positive for themselves pushes them to make devaluing thoughts and able to depress them. A problem that only by working hard can they solve and for which all their willpower is required.

Libra – The fear of making mistakes
Those born under the sign of Libra are people usually full of ideas. This leads them to work continuously to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Their greatest hidden fear is that of discovering that they are not good enough at something or that they work hard without ever reaching the goal. It would be a difficult problem to solve and that would lead them to a unique sense of frustration and only able to make their life difficult. A fear that is reflected in their way of life and also in relationships. For them, every little thing represents a sort of exam that if not passed is a sign of their lack. Which, perfectionists as they are, they would never be able to tolerate.

To solve a fear like this the only way to follow is that of an inner workable to make them understand the value they have beyond the goals achieved. Only in this way will they be able to enjoy the journey they take without focusing their gaze always and only on the final destination.

Scorpio – The fear of unveiling
I natives of Scorpiothey are known for their mysterious nature which leads them to never fully discover themselves when they are with others. Unless they are with people they consider more than intimate, they tend to always show only a part of their way of being, keeping an intro world for themselves. This, as well as from nature is dictated by the great fear they have of revealing themselves to the world. Although they show themselves to everyone as strong people (which they are) and always ready to overcome any adversity, they are also endowed with a great sensitivity that leads them to feel bad if they are hurt. Not liking to show scars, however, they end up hiding in order not to show any weaknesses. A way of doing that on the one hand gives them a certain strength but on the other hand, risks making them feel alone and never fully involved in the situations or people they surround themselves with. The only way to overcome this fear is to expose yourself a little at a time and to discover that showing your wounds does not lead to anything strange except to show everyone how strong they are in healing and overcoming them time after time. A reality that they must realize and that only time will allow them to internalize as they should.

Sagittarius – Fear of not being enough
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are born with a great need to appear unique and special in their way. Thus, in the course of life, they try in every way to take actions that help them to differentiate themselves from others. This way of doing comes from the fear of not being enough. A fear that they feel deep down and that leads them to constantly confront others, looking elsewhere for defects that, instead, they feel they have deep down. Their fear is such as to push them to want to take steps that do not belong to them or to be ashamed of their life path even if this is the right one to be happy. A way of life that often makes them feel trapped, preventing them from enjoying the many things they have and which they end up not seeing because they are too caught up in their fear.

Overcoming this obstacle is certainly difficult and to do so they need to work hard and first of all face themselves. Only in this way will they be able to have true friendships and affections that they care about, ceasing to surround themselves with trivial people for the sole purpose of distinguishing themselves.

Capricorn – The fear of failure
Capricorn natives have always had a great need to establish themselves and in most cases, they choose to do so through work. This leads them to lose sight of themselves and everything to work hard, day after day, in search of tangible results to achieve. Their greatest fear is that of facing failures and having to acknowledge that they have done everything wrong. A fear that sometimes pushes them in the wrong direction, forcing them to come to terms with themselves. Often frightened of what they have in front of them, they even avoid stopping when they can, moving forward to avoid having to face a small mistake. A choice that can lead them to exaggerate the problems and get failures.

Aquarius – The fear of being common
Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign they are forced to confront the fear of appearing as ordinary people and the desire to remain as calm and aloof as possible. Two opposing ways to each other and with which they are forced to clash for life. This almost always leads them to build a bizarre, eccentric, and nonconformist personality. A sort of dress that they tend to wear to get noticed by others and to impress with just a few words. All of this stems from an uncontrolled fear of appearing as ordinary people. Which they can’t stand and therefore try to avoid in every way, even at the cost of going against their natural way of being. It would be enough just to learn to accept yourself for who you are and stop thinking about the judgment of others to be able to live a free and happy life. The one for which they are suited.

Pisces – The fear of being alone
The natives of Pisces are people who know how to be perfectly alone but who at the same time need to know that they have someone they can rely on. Usually, it is a family member, a precious friend, or partner and this is because they are not people who like to surround themselves with superficial acquaintances. To these, they prefer few relationships to be considered special and with which they can share passions and hobbies. The fear of being alone, at least until they find one or more precious bonds, leads them to surround themselves with people they don’t love more times than they would like. And all with the result of feeling alone anyway because not alongside the right people.

Fortunately, they are well aware of this fear and it will only be enough to work on it to be able to overcome it and live the life they need, learning to understand that they will never be alone anyway because they can be loved by others much more than they think.

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