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There is just no peace for these three zodiac signs. The last days of August will be a real ordeal. When will all this end?

The end of summer can be a problem for those who have no desire to return to the everyday routine. The reason is not only linked to returning to work, there are also those who are experiencing an important sentimental crisis and have tried to find some recreation during the summer. Returning to daily life together with a partner with whom there is some problem can be a real nightmare .

For many reasons, some zodiac signs will not experience an optimal August ending. Indeed, there will be many problems to be solved, some even unexpected. The pressures to which these signs of the zodiac will be subjected could leave various consequences in the future as well. He has to spend the night, as the great Eduardo De Filippo said . Here is the ranking of the zodiac signs that will experience a very bad end of August , do you think your sign will get on the podium?

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These three zodiac signs are not doing well at all

Leo : in third place in the standings we have the sign of Leo. These tense relationships have already partially ruined the summer and could make the next few days unlivable. A change of course is absolutely necessary to prevent these problems from making even the month of September hell. Every now and then it is necessary to adopt the art of diplomacy to live more peacefully.

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Scorpio : The second most harassed sign of this period is Scorpio. It is not a lucky period for this sign, it is absolutely necessary to avoid economic investments and adopt a less unscrupulous policy. Things will change in the future but now it’s better to keep a low profile and avoid trouble.

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Taurus : the most unfortunate sign in the last days of August will certainly be that of Taurus. Those who are experiencing a delicate situation at work have not willingly accepted the return from vacation. Reviewing hostile faces reminded Taurus of why he pulled the plug in the past few weeks. It will be a traumatic end to August but then things will change with the arrival of autumn.

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