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Hey, we hope you are not there but it is always better to take a look at the ranking of the most difficult zodiac signs to love. Do not you think?

No, no, quietly, we will not tell anyone if you are in the highest places (or even the first) of our rankings of today!
What we asked of the stars and planets, in fact, is simply if there are signs a little more difficult than the others to… well, appreciate.

In fact, some people are very open to feelings and can’t wait to show how much love they have to give.
In addition, of course, also to how much love they want to receive!
Others, on the other hand, pretend that love doesn’t interest them and by dint of building walls they find themselves… well, they are really hard to love!

The hardest zodiac signs to love: are you in today’s ranking?

This is certainly not a demerit, but rather a good shake of the shoulders: if you find yourself at the top of the standings horoscope today, know that you will have to give a hug very sensitive to all the people in your life!
Like? Do you hate hugging others? Ok, then we are sure that you are in today’s horoscope ranking!

We have decided, in fact, to reveal the five most difficult zodiac signs to love among all of them.
Do you think you are guilty? Better to find out immediately who we are dealing with and especially if your partner is in the rankings!

Leo: fifth place

Proud, fussy, they get angry easily (but, as some would say, they also have flaws). Who are we talking about? But of those born under the sign of Leo! If you are in a relationship with a Leo person, you already know what we mean when we say they are hard to love.

Those born under this sign are decidedly difficult people: they have very hard skin, which is difficult to convince themselves to open. When they do, however, there is generally a downright lovable person underneath. Yes, but when do they open?

Scorpio: fourth place

Like? Scorpio is only in fourth place on our list today? Indeed yes: know that there are many other signs more difficult to love than Scorpio!
Their presence in the ranking, however, is justified by the fact that those born under the sign of Scorpio can be really tough.

Sometimes it is simply a mechanism of defense, nothing too deep. Others, however, a simple fact: the Scorpio does not like almost none!
The Scorpio is difficult to love because … do not really love the other!

Capricorn: third place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn can be truly (but truly) difficult to love. Besides being people very concentrated on itself same and at work, able to spend days without human contact, the Capricorn is keen to make known to all who love being by yourself!

Of course, to understand them, it would take an encyclopedia: it is a pity that no one has the courage to write it! The Capricorn is a sign that, when opened, can really make you fall in love. Too bad… it opens very rarely!

Virgo: second place

Is there anyone more enigmatic than Virgo? Probably yes, since it is only in second place in the ranking of the most difficult to love signs of the horoscope.
Certainly, though, even the Virgo does not do the simple life to anyone: those born under this sign they know to be really tough!

The Virgo, first of all, does the standard by which you do not want to completely alienate: are people really ” perfect ” from all points of view. Therefore, they expect absolutely nothing less
from their partner and their friends: dealing with a Virgo can be really tiring!

The Virgo is one of those signs that tends, increasingly, to be cold for a very long time. Whoever passes his numerous ” tests ” ends up accessing his heart but don’t get too excited. As loves you, the Virgo may lose interest for you to be truly a moment to another. More difficult than that!

Gemini: First place in the ranking of hard-to-love signs

Dear Gemini friends, it is useless to get angry: you know how difficult you can be, especially in love!
The twins, in fact, are people really intriguing, often fascinate the other with just a glance.

Too bad, then, that they are also enormously vain and succumb to the flattery … well, of all those who fondle them!
The Gemini, in fact, is famous for never knowing what they want, especially in the sentimental field. With them, life is always a mountain Russian: one day we love each other, the next hate you, the day after that you ignore.

They show up after months and ask you to pay attention to them as if you just got engaged but mind you. This is an attitude they have with everyone! Friends, relatives, boyfriends, and exes: Geminis are capable of truly ” bullying ” everyone and are ultimately really hard to love!

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