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11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Taurus

1. This is the most obvious thing about a Taurus, but you need to take it seriously: good luck changing their minds. If you’re the kind of person that likes to argue and persuade, you’re up against a lifetime of unhappiness if you choose a Taurus. They know what they want, and they know their argument is better than yours. Taureans are people to be loved as they are, not changed into your idea of a perfect partner.

2. A Taurus is one of the most loyal and reliable partners you could have on your side. Once they choose you (and it is always them doing the choosing), they’ll choose you for life. They’ll always have your back and fiercely defend you from others.

3. A Taurus will be one of the best lovers of your life. They are sensual and romantic — they love being close to their beloved and spending hours pampering you with touch.

4. From their partners, Taurus people need you to be totally honest and trustworthy. If you lose their trust, the relationship will probably end.

5. Taureans can be lazy. They like to be comfortable and happy. Be prepared for a lot of weekends where you order takeout and eat it in bed.

6. A Taurus is happiest when they’re surrounded by a small social circle of friends and family, good food and drink, and good conversation. Small dinner parties are the ideal date for them as long as all the people, food, and discourse are high-quality.

7. Good food is absolutely the way to a Taurean’s heart. They love physical pleasure and learning how to consistently deliver that will keep your partner happy.

8. People born under Taurus have thick skin so insults don’t bother them — but this also means they don’t pick up hints. If you want something from them, tell them directly.

9. Don’t argue with a Taurus unless you want to lose.

10. They prefer routine to adventure. They’ll want the same meals, restaurants, travel destinations, and s*x positions over and over instead of sampling something new each time.

11. These are some of the best lifelong partners in the Zodiac. They are loving, loyal, trustworthy, intelligent, and self-sufficient. If you snag one, don’t forget to remember how lucky you are.

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