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How? What a surprise! Are you also in the ranking of always incredulous zodiac signs? But it’s really amazing, how is it possible?

True or not, we all know someone who can’t help but always be incredibly surprised.
Screams, open mouths, hands in hair and a general feeling of dealing with someone who knows absolutely nothing about the world.
If you recognize these symptoms there are two cases: either you know someone in the ranking of the zodiac signs today or … you are really the incredulous !

The zodiac signs always in disbelief: are you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Today we decided to find out which are the most incredulous zodiac signs of the whole horoscope .

How? Thing? Damn, what a surprise!
If you’ve reacted like that too, we have some bad news for you: you might be in today ‘s horoscope ranking too ! You sure know who we’re talking about, right? The always incredulous zodiac signs are all those people who just can’t help but behave as if life were a continuous surprise party.

It seems that they cannot foresee anything and that every event is a fortuitous coincidence. But how many do it “really” and how many do it per pose?
Let’s find out now: here are the top five positions of today’s horoscope ranking!

Taurus: fifth place

How? Thing? What’s going on, is it ever possible that… er… wait a minute, let’s stop. Dear Taurus it is truly amazing to deal with you: it seems that you don’t even know what planet you are on!

Those born under the sign of Taurus are people who always seem not to foresee the consequences of their actions… or rather, let’s face it. They  don’t want to  see them, so they can do what they think is best and “be amazed” after it didn’t go through!

Gemini: fourth place

Gemini is also among the zodiac signs always amazed, especially when it comes to their relationship with others.

How? Do Gemini ‘s actions lead others to have the same or downright unkind reactions? But do you believe that it is the fault of the Gemini who sever relationships, pretend nothing has happened for months, create unsustainable situations and run away from one side to the other? Amazing. Incredible. Gemini would never, ever really say that !

Capricorn: third place

It seems that Capricorns always and constantly fall from the clouds . Capricorns
are people who are a little detached from others and, above all, from emotions (both their own and others). It is no surprise (at least for us who are not in today’s ranking) that Capricorns are amazed at everything and everyone!

Those born under this sign soon learned that being unbelieving is the best way to avoid having to take responsibility for their ways of acting.
That’s why Capricorns really always pretend to fall from the pear tree: sometimes they are really oblivious to what is happening but most of the time they are just faking an  incredible  (in the true sense of the word) naivety!

Libra: second place

Dear Libra , we know well that reading your name in today’s ranking you threw the phone in the air, raised your arms to the sky and shouted: ” Soooo ?”.

Libra is that zodiac sign that can never really contain its surprise .
It seems that any event is worthy of screams, screams and a general sense of wonder. For Libra , everything is awe-inspiring: from a beautiful day to the way she feels when she finds out how others feel about her. A very confused life that of Libra , right? (But don’t trust them: they are much more savvy than they want to seem).

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of always incredulous zodiac signs

Dear  Sagittarius , do not feel like it if we tell you things as they are.
You are in the ranking of the zodiac signs always incredulous (and in first place) because you really do nothing but be amazed … by everything!

To  Sagittarius practically anything seems unique and unrepeatable: they get excited by every little oddity, they write down everything that happens to them considering it really rare and, above all, they fall out of the way as soon as they can when it comes to … feelings! Sagittarians live a truly… amazing life
. Anything, any emotion that others feel towards them is a real discovery. They can’t really do anything about it: they are always (always) incredulous !

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