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The Five Zodiac Signs That Know When to Call It Quits in a Relationship

Some people immediately feel when a relationship is coming to an end and they have to end it. These signs have a developed intuition that tells them when to retreat.

It’s difficult to end a relationship, but it’s better to end one that no longer makes you happy. In life it’s important to move forward, you can’t stay in a relationship just because it’s more comfortable that way.

Some zodiac signs are more likely than others to know when the moment of separation comes. According to the stars, they will not hesitate if they realize that their relationship is no longer working.


Confident in themselves, those with this sign are determined and enthusiastic about their goals and do not accept that anyone stands in their way. And if the relationship becomes an obstacle, Aries considers it not good for their future.

Aries wants to be the first in everything he does, so rather than wasting time or waiting to see how things go, he prefers to close the accounts quickly and see his way.


A bit dramatic, Leo is the type to burst out first, saying: “Enough, I’ve had enough!”. Leo does not tolerate being treated unfairly, and if this happens in a relationship, then he chooses separation. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize when a relationship is toxic – it’s either what you need, or it’s not.

At first, you question your instincts, but you listen to your intuition and do the right thing. It’s your decision, you take the first step.


You are always attentive to the most minor details, so you notice any change in your partner. You easily read his verbal and non-verbal language, so when your intuition tells you that the relationship is over, you listen to your inner voice. “Can I live with this behavior/upset for the rest of my life?”, is the question you ask yourself before deciding to break up. As soon as the answer is “no”, you will be the first to choose the practical approach and end the relationship before you and your partner get too attached.


When you are focused on your goals, and your partner stands in the way of achieving them, you immediately push them away. This does not mean that you are cold or uncaring. It’s quite the opposite. If the relationship no longer serves your goals and interests, you choose to tell your partner that there is no longer any point in staying together, but you will always be friends, although you both know very well that it is unlikely.

However, your natural curiosity will push you to start a new relationship, which makes it difficult to maintain a friendship with your ex-lovers.


As an Aquarius, it is difficult for you to make a compromise or be tied to a person, so when you have a choice between freedom and love, you consider it the time to break up. This tendency, combined with your natural independence makes you feel that it is difficult to maintain a relationship in which your free spirit is not accepted.

You feel when you are not understood and you intuitively know that in the long term, you will both suffer, so instead of waiting for the break to occur, your first reaction is to end this relationship.

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