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The Four Loveliest Signs

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When it comes to the ideal partner, many people think that romance should be counted among his qualities. In practice, however, even if they are in love, many do not express their feelings and declare their love only on special occasions. This is not the case for those who were born in one of the 4 zodiac signs that we are talking about next, true masters of proof of love.

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Top romantic signs


For Cancers, everything starts and ends with their own emotions and feelings, which they express easily and generously. Words are their favorite way to declare their love, whether it’s love letters, poems or a whispered “I love you” from the heart to the ear. When they are hot on the heels of someone, Cancers are capable of many sacrifices and often demonstrate their attachment through small gestures that will pleasantly surprise you: they wake up late at night to cook your favorite food or redecorate the house in your favorite colors. And Cancer men are very careful and considerate of their half. If a Cancer leaves for work without kissing you or if he doesn’t fall asleep with you in his arms at night, it’s a reason to worry!

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Dreamy, generous, creative, and loving, Pisces has all the signs of a romantic person par excellence. For them, every love story is a fairy tale and every day they have a new fantasy, which they can’t wait to experience with their partner. Physical love has no significance for Pisces in the absence of a communion of souls, so they sip from their partner’s eyes have dinner by candlelight, walk hand in hand along the water’s edge or dance together under the moonlight. This zodiac sign can take any seemingly trivial gesture and does not shy away from the most childish proofs of love. Very tolerant and influential, he does not make any decision without first consulting his other half, who knows how to make her feel important.

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Libras are one of the most romantic and sensual zodiac signs. They need a partner who completes them, with whom they can be in perfect balance. She loves to be courted and knows how to pleasantly surprise you, with gifts of good taste and perfect finesse. He can send you a bouquet of flowers by courier, even if he is not in the country, or he can talk with you about likes and dislikes until late at night, even if he goes to work the next day. Romantic conversations delight Libra more than anything. Libra is happy when her partner is happy, so she doesn’t skimp on proof of love, but she also expects to be admired and praised. Time spent together is very important to Libra. If he takes a day off just to be with you from morning to night, it’s clear that things are serious.

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You wouldn’t expect Taurus, dominated by reason and very practical, to be in the top of the most romantic signs. And yet, for Taurus, pampering moments together are very important. He can cook excellently for his better half, he can organize a dream dinner at a luxury restaurant, he can book an entire hotel so you can have some privacy, or he can declare that he loves you out loud in the middle of the subway. Taurus is the kind of people who show their love through generous gifts. When he stops surprising you with flowers, invitations, and gifts, you should worry! Also, physical contact, touches, and intimacy are things that Taurus consider closely related to feelings and without which they cannot conceive of a fulfilled relationship, in which they feel the need to give themselves totally, every day.

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