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The Five Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs

Some signs always have infidelity living in their being and that they love to change, no matter what.

These are people who in some ways have a real heart of stone, which they are unable to dissolve with almost any partner. Boredom is a feeling that they tend to feel strongly about and can never push aside.

Here, dealing with them in love is not easy, especially in love. This is why it is important to maintain a certain amount of detachment and awareness when you come into contact with their world because everything could turn upside down and end at any moment.

The signs that do not consider the value of fidelity in love as a priority are them.


Cancer is a very emotional sign and always loves to be the center of attention of the reference group. She often prefers to be with friends and does not give due care to the relationship with her partner who tends to fall apart after a short time. If he doesn’t get the attention he wants from his partner, attention that he gets constantly from his friends, well, then he prefers to change area, change his feelings, he has no problem putting the word “end” to a relationship even after a while of years together. Some consider him heartless, but the truth is that we are talking about a sign that is always looking for his comfort zone, and that he may never find it.


He loves to be in control of things and sometimes realizes the failure of the relationship due to his more than possessive nature. When this happens, when the ship is about to sink, it’s better to drop everything and seek refuge elsewhere.


The fish? It’s a sign that usually knows how to be very calm and serene, but it’s also very vindictive and quarrelsome, characteristics that it doesn’t know how to reconcile with the relationship it lives. He should live in a more relaxed way, also because sooner or later, as they say, the heart will demand a tribute in love that it will no longer be able to control. There is a proverb to define all of this: the heart cannot be controlled.


The balance is very balanced and yet has a certain amount of dynamism that should not be revealed. If the relationship becomes monotonous, he tends to close it, especially when the other realizes it too.


And what about the twins? We’re talking about a sign that can’t focus on the relationship itself but loves to change from time to time. On the other hand, her confused soul emerges also and above all in love.

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