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Have you ever met one of those zodiac signs that want the impossible? They can’t have you and then they want you even more!

Surely you will have happened to spend long periods as a single but then, as soon as you get engaged, you will be the object of a lot of attention, even quite pressing.
A coincidence of fate, perhaps, or simply the fact that as soon as you are no longer available many people immediately understand how special you are.

Too bad for them, right?
Well, we have asked the stars and planets if there are any recurring zodiac signs regarding this behavior and we have compiled a rather interesting horoscope ranking.
Are you curious to find out which zodiac signs only want you when they can’t have you?

The zodiac signs that want the impossible: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Some people almost seem to go crazy as soon as they realize they are facing something they cannot have 
Maybe it is a particular job, a vacation they would have liked to do, or maybe, instead, it is another person.

Today we have decided to take care of the people who behave as in this last case.
By asking about stars and planets, we have compiled the ranking of the zodiac signs that want the impossible.

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In this case, however, the impossible is you, often and willingly!

Let’s find out immediately what are the zodiac signs that, as soon as they understand that you are engaged or that they can no longer have you, suddenly become your number one suitor.
Be careful with these signs: as soon as you show them a minimum of interest, they immediately return as cold as before!

Aquarius: fifth rank

For those born under the sign of Aquarius. it is almost impossible to rest easy as soon as they discover that someone does not want them.
Thing? Does anyone take the liberty of refusing the attention of the Aquarius? But it is impossible, how dare they?

Aquarians take your lack of interest in them as a real challenge and, we can assure you, they will do everything to be nice to you.
They don’t stop at anything and can end up having some embarrassing behaviors. Be careful, though: they will try to make you capitulate in all ways!

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Scorpio: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who often cannot resist when something or someone is denied them.
For Scorpios, one of the strongest engines in life is precisely that of winning a challenge.

If you don’t want to be with a Scorpio, know that you have just offered them the excuse to torment you for the next few months!
They are unable to give up because, deep down, they don’t believe anyone could refuse them!

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Sagittarius: third place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, extremely independent and unwilling to love stories, turn into wounded hearts as soon as they hear the words ” I’m not interested, thank you “. As? Do you dare to reject a Sagittarius? As soon as he feels that you don’t want him, Sagittarius goes out of their way to please you

It must have you, precisely because it is one of the zodiac signs that want the impossible. For them, it is essential that you are at their feet, so that they can then do as they want.
And what do Sagittarians want? Simple, ignore you!

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Aries: second place

Have you ever noticed that Aries always end up slipping into decidedly not very clear situations?
It is no coincidence that this is a sign that often ends up being a ” lover “. No, it’s not just about bad luck (and also about weakness and a good deal of self-centeredness on the part of the couple).

Aries very often happen to be lovers precisely because as soon as they know someone they can’t have, they go out of their way to have it!
Since they are almost always very determined people, Aries almost always end up making the people they target capitulate.

What happens, though? As long as the other is busy or the Aries may dream that it is impossible to be together, everything is fine.
Then, however, if you want to get engaged to an Aries or simply make your relationship official, get ready to see him run away!

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Gemini: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that want the impossible

Yes, dear Gemini, this first place in the ranking of zodiac signs who want the impossible can only be yours.
You know very well that you are people who are activated only when others do not want you!

Gemini behaves as if you are a mere accident in their life. Ah, do you want to be engaged to them? Oh well. As? Do you love them out of all proportion and would you do anything for them? Yes, yes, but now they are busy, understand?
However, as soon as you show a minimum of coldness and take your space, those born under the sign of Gemini simply go crazy! They become real stalkers and do everything to please you.

Even worse, then, when you are in love with another person: Gemini comes to threaten anything to have an ounce of your attention!
Do you know what happens as soon as you listen to a Gemini? Absolutely nothing: they return as indifferent as before! They have achieved their goal and that’s enough.

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